Vintage Paper Dolls – Part Seven – Children

Here are some child paper dolls. Several of these are available to download and print from the Free Paper Dolls website. Others are from Naomi’s disc.

Four Little Girls From School is a set of four paper dolls from Merrill. They look rather old fashioned but I think they were published in 1957.

Two original dolls.

Two original dolls.

Naomi has a partial set of original dolls so I have been able to photograph the two that she has and some of the original outfits.

Let’s Play House:The Dionne Quints, who were born in 1934, were the first set of quins to survive infancy and are so famous they probably should be in the celebrity category. The “Let’s Play House” paper dolls were made as five books, one for each child. The pages featured portraits of the girls as children. This set was from 1940. Here are a couple of Emilie’s outfits.

Paper Doll Party is a set of six dolls from Saalfield Publishing dated 1944. Here are the girls and some of their clothes.

The dolls from Paper Doll Party, Saalfield 1944.

The dolls from Paper Doll Party, Saalfield 1944.

6 Good Little Dolls is from Stephens Publishing  Company and is probably from the 1940s. There are five girls and a boy

Round the Clock with Susan is a set of three dolls, Susan and her two friends, with outfits for different times of day and for events such as birthday parties and costume parties.

Susan's friends.

Susan’s friends Joanne and Linda.

We have several more sets of child paper dolls to share so there will be another post on children and babies soon.

Further Reading:

A few paper doll related blogs and websites. – Miss Missy collects and draws paper dolls as well as 3D dolls such as Barbie and Lalaloopsy. – Advice for paper doll collectors.

Fashion Doll Friday – Lea- Friend of Barbie

Lea has been around for the past ten years or so and seems to have replaced Kira as Mattel’s Asian doll. Sometimes she also goes by Kayla.

This is one of my favourite face molds so I have a few Lea/Kayla’s. I don’t remember which one this is but I believe that she was a beach doll originally. Her outfit was bought from an eBay seller.


Fashion Fever Closets – Part Fourteen – Fuchsia and Pink Closet

Here is another in my series on Fashion Fever Closets. Once again I am not sure of the proper name for this closet so I’ll call it Fuchsia and Pink.

This closet is an interesting one. It has some pieces in it I really like but also a couple that I look at and wonder “What were they thinking?”

The full closet

The full closet

The models today are:

  • Nicole – Denim Basics Barbie
  • Marissa – Fashionista Raquelle
  • Hillary – Hillary Duff Barbie
  • Leah – Fashion Fever body type
  • Kirsty – Fashion Fever Teresa

The Fashions

First the pieces that I really like. The skirt and top which is made of a material like velour. I love the colour and the soft fabric. I like these pieces together as a little suit or with the sweater.

Nicole in the velour skirt and top.

Nicole in the velour skirt and top. Shoes and bag from the closet.

Nicole wears the wrap jumper with the skirt. Shoes and bag from the closet.

Nicole wears the wrap jumper with the skirt. Shoes and bag from the closet.

I like the sweater. I think the shawl  collar is a nice detail and it looks cosy without being bulky and shapeless. It works quite well with the cropped pants and boots but I often mix it with things from other closets as well.

Marissa wears the layerd top with the check pants just to show how it would look.

Marissa wears the layered top with the check pants just to show how it would look.

The layered top looks nice with the skirt although I don’t particularly like it with any of the other pieces in the closet. It does look good with jeans or pants from other closets as well.

The short sleeved top is quite a useful item as it works well with the skirt, cropped pants and long pants in this closet.

Hillarry Duff wears the short sleeved top and crop pants.

Hillary Duff wears the short sleeved top and crop pants.

Now for the pieces I don’t care for as much. The check patterned dress and pants. The main reason that I don’t care for these is that although I like the colours I feel that the check is too large for a fashion doll. The fabric is meant to resemble a wool weave I think and that’s fine for pants but who would wear a party dress made of this stuff? I just feel itchy thinking about it.

Nicole in the itchy dress.

Nicole in the itchy dress.

I am not mad about the braces on the pants either as I don’t think they look good over any of the tops in the closet really and although wearing braces hanging down seems to be a thing now I don’t really care for it.

Last of all the crop pants which I’m neutral about. The check pattern seems more to scale for Barbie and they do look good with the boots from the closet. So why am I neutral? Personal taste. I don’t wear crop pants myself and I don’t wear brown so I don’t feel drawn to these. If I were Barbie sized I would not want to wear them.

Here are a few more pictures.

A few more photos featuring Leah, Kirsty, Hillary and Marissa.

A few more photos featuring Leah, Kirsty, Hillary and Marissa.

Vintage Paper Dolls – Part Six -Fabulous Forties

Here are some more vintage paper dolls to enjoy. I’ve chosen older ones today. These are all originally from the 1940s.

Summer Date Paper Dolls

These were published by Saalfield in 1948. There are two couples. They certainly are a well dressed group and the graphics are very nice too.

Paper Doll Models

Four stylish girls and their outfits published by Saalfield in 1942.  They are Pam and Pat, Ann and Sue.

Deanna Durbin

There were numerous paper doll books made featuring the singing movie star Deanna Durbin. This is a different one from the one I showed you recently. Published by Merrill in 1941.

3 Wood Dolls

There seem to be several sets of these. I have seen a similar one marked Tekwood by Whitman 1948. I think this must mean that Tekwood refers to the material the dolls are made from.

Juniors Paper Dolls

This is a set of four girls published by Saalfield in 1945. I do like the forties hairstyles and fashions.


All Size Dolls

This is a massive set of 13 paper dolls by paper doll artist Queen Holden. Published 1945. Here are the dolls and a couple of pages. You can see them all on the Free Paper Dolls website. Does it look to you as if the teenage boy is holding a cigarette?

The paper dolls featured in this post can either be downloaded at the Free Paper Dolls website or bought from websites such as

I hope that you have enjoyed these vintage dolls and outfits.  There are still lots more to come including an update of the Magic Mary Jane dolls as Naomi has unearthed some more sets.

Vintage Paper Dolls – Part Five – Dolls on Disc

Time for another paper doll post. I think I mentioned in one of my earlier paper doll posts that my sister Naomi recently started increasing her collection of vintage and reproduction paper dolls.

Collecting reproduction paper dolls is a great way to learn about the many different paper dolls that have been produced over the years. They are such fragile toys that the chances of finding a mint set of vintage dolls is not very good but now that there are a lot of people reproducing paper dolls from every decade of the twentieth century we can all have the pleasure of seeing them.

Some sellers sell hard copies on good quality paper, others will sell you a disk with a whole collection of dolls on it while others will sell them to you as a digital download. Naomi has done all three. She has vintage dolls, she has bought reproduction books some of them as presents for me. She has downloaded dolls from the Free Paper Doll site and bought a couple of discs from an eBay seller. Each are good ways to collect depending on how much space you have and what you intend to do with the dolls.

Naturally I was keen to feature some of these dolls on the blog but as I wanted to do the right thing by the seller I contacted her to ask for permission to reproduce some paper dolls from the disc on the blog. Like most people I have contacted so far Monica, who runs the Print’n’Sell website as well as an eBay store was kind enough to agree that I could. I have had a quick look at the website and as well as paper dolls Monica also has other paper toys like models and dioramas, there is also a blog on the site which I will go back to read another day.

The paper dolls featured in this post are all from the disc that Naomi bought.

Hour of Charm

This were published by Saalfield in 1943 and were based on a radio program of the same name which featured an all girl orchestra. The dolls are called Evelyn, Vivien and Maxine.Here is a page of  clothing.

This set is also available on the Free Paper Dolls website.

Nursery School Dolls

This is a set of 3 children; Tommy, Peggy and Janey. I’ve seen a few sets of them separately and they were designed by Queen Holden. The little outfits are cute and there is some nice artwork in the book too. This set was published by Whitman.

Queen Holden's Nursery School Dolls:

Barbie Theatre

Barbie, Ken, Midge, Allan and Skipper with a few costumes for their theatre productions. There are not a lot of costumes in this but the graphics are nice.

Barbie Costume paper doll clothes:

Trixie Belden

I remember reading Trixie Belden books as a child. Here are outfits for Trixie, Marty, Honey and Jim. Published by Whitman in 1956.

Let’s Play House

A Dionne Quints paper doll featuring Annette.

ANNETTE Let's Play House with the Dionne Quints:

Janie and Her Doll

Janie and her doll is from the late 1930s or early 1940s and has rather a hand coloured look to it which  I rather like. The copy on Naomi’s disc says “copyright 1941 by Samuel Lowe Company, Kenosha, Wisconsin. Here is a page of Janie’s outfits.

Janie and Her Doll* 1500 free paper dolls at Arielle Gabriel's International Paper Doll Society for Pinterest paper doll pals *:

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of this lovely vintage paper doll sets. I’ll be back with some more very soon.

Great Minds

Some time before Christmas I was browsing on Amazon and spotted two Hunger Games male dolls at a very good price. As my sister Naomi collects male fashion dolls and as it’s very rare for us to find handsome ones at a good price I decided to grab them for her.
Later that day I was speaking with her on the phone and told her what I had done. “Well I went to Launceston today.” she told me; “and I saw two Barbies I thought you might like so I put them on lay-by for you.”

How was that for a coincidence? We have since swapped dolls and here they are, so far still NRFB.


3 Barbie City Style

The Barbie Look City Shine

Two Hunger Games Guys

Hunger Games Mockingjay Peeta and Gale

Yes, there are three Barbies here not two. When Naomi went to put a payment on them the third one was in store so she decided to get that too. Without knowing what each other had spent we even paid almost exactly the same amount of money.

For the time being all five dolls will stay in their boxes but at some time in the future they will come out and be introduced to each other and who knows what might happen.

Fashion Doll Friday – Denim Basics Barbie -01

Today’s doll is Belinda who is one of my Denim Basics Barbies. Belinda was photographed outside in my back garden. She is wearing a skirt from Ellasdolls and a generic top.

Another Mystery Doll

Calling all doll detectives, a reader, Vamsee Priya from India, contacted me to ask for help in identifying an old doll. The doll was brought back to India from overseas by her grandfather as a gift to her aunt she thinks around 1960 or just before. She does not know the country of origin.

Hard plastic doll about 30 inches high, circa late 50s.

Hard plastic doll about 30 inches high, circa late 50s early 60s.

This is the doll as she looks today. As you can see this is a large doll, estimated to be 30-32 inches tall. On her back she has the numbers 1965. Below is a picture of the doll in her original dress and wig. It is not a good photo as it was cropped from a family picture. Before seeing this second picture I had wondered if the doll had been made as a store mannequin for children’s clothing because its body seemed unusual for its baby face. However the wig gives the doll quite a different appearance. It looks as if she has sleep eyes but I’m not aware whether or not she had a mama box or walking mechanism.

Doll in original outfit and wig.

Doll in original outfit and wig.

I am inclined to think that the doll may have come from England but I don’t have any evidence to support that theory.

If anyone reading this has seen a similar doll and can shed some light on what company made her please comment. Her owner would really like to know a bit more about her.

It is lovely to feature a doll who is now being played with by the third generation of the same family.

What’s New at the Tammy House?

The Tammy family and their lodgers the Tressy’s had a pretty quiet Christmas compared to last year. They did not have their British cousins the Sindy’s to visit and there were no big parties.

Now that Dr Kildare is married and Army Buddy has to report back to his unit the Tressy’s are left to get on with their sewing projects.

The Tressy's in their room.

The Tressy’s in their room.

Dad bought Mom an antique Egyptian print for their anniversary which was just after Christmas. Mom thinks it would look great in a gold frame.

Mom admiring the Egyptian print.

Mom admiring the Egyptian print.

Mom’s New Year resolution was to have a bit more order around the house so she has told the older girls that there will be no more parties unless they promise to do their homework and piano practice.

The girls discuss Mom's new rule.

The girls discuss Mom’s new rule.

While the American and Canadian Tammy’s discuss this dire situation English Tammy is attempting appeasement by making dinner. This could be interesting as she has never cooked a whole dinner before! Pepper is not looking too confident.

Pepper doubts Tammy's ability to cook a family dinner.

Pepper doubts Tammy’s ability to cook a family dinner.

The children and their assorted pets have been banished outside to play as has Grown Up Tammy. Mom is tired of telling her not to bring her skis inside the house and wishes that they had not sent her to college  in Colorado.

The children have been banished outside.

The children have been banished outside.

Why did we send her to college in Colorado?

Why did we send her to college in Colorado?



I have just been rearranging the dollshouse. It’s been sitting on my sewing machine table for quite a long time now but as I’ve been reorganising the dining room I was able to free up an old desk which is just the right size for the dollshouse so as long as I had to move it anyway it was a good opportunity to make a new set up.

I really think that I have outgrown the space in the doll room which also houses craft material and some of my scrapbooking gear, and forty years or more of photographs. No doubt there will be a few more reorganisations this year.

Dolls House 2016

Dolls House January 2016

Oh oh! Didn’t Army Buddy say he was going back to his unit? What’s he doing there talking to Grown Up Tammy? Let’s hope the Tressy’s don’t find out about this.