Happy Birthday to……Me!

Just back from a visit to my sister where we celebrated my recent birthday. She had a present for me. A box of Barbie outfits she’d bought from eBay over the past few weeks. My sister is probably the only person who understands exactly what I like in the way of dolls and Barbie in particular so I always know that her presents will be good ones. 

I looked after her house and pets on a couple of occasions when she went to Singapore on holidays and as a thank you gift she brought me back Barbies and Barbie Fashions most of which never turned up in any of the shops near us. It was like Christmas opening up packets and packets of Fashion Fever outfits and photographing them all. Here are three of them being modeled by some of my Fashion Fever girls. The props, by the way, belong to my sister, she collects Ken dolls amongst other things. The things my sister collects would make a post on their own and may well do one day.

Fashion Fever Fashion
Fashion Fever Fashion
Fashon Fever Fashion
Fashion Fever Fashion
Fashion Fever Fashion
Fashion Fever Fashion

Fashion Fever Fashion

These days with most Barbie fashions being made for 3-7-year-old taste I buy outfits on eBay from people who debox dolls and sell the parts separately. I know that it’s not the cheapest way to get them but sometimes if you don’t really care about the doll and just want the outfit it can be worth it.  There are also a lot of people selling outfits they have made themselves on eBay and I often buy those.

Barbie Basics
Four of my Basics Girls in OOAK fashions.

Of course, I had to have a photo session with all the new outfits and have posted a few to my Flickr page as I usually do.  A couple of the new outfits were retro styles which look great on older dolls.  I have a genuine Midge from the 1960s as well as a reproduction one and a couple of reproduction Barbies. One day I hope I’ll be able to find some vintage Barbies in good condition at a price I can afford but with so many dolls on my wish list it hasn’t been a priority up to now. 

Bubble cut Barbie in OOAK fashion by Lyn Scantlebury
Jackie in OOAK


  1. Hi 🙂 In your group of Basics, the girl on the far left (is she a Theresa?) looks like she is wearing the current-release City Shopper dress! Or a VERY good copy ..

    Lovely clothes. I’m partial to a bit of Fashion Fever myself.


    • Well spotted, yes it is the City Shopper dress. The seller my sister bought these outfits from sells both her own creations and some genuine Barbie. I am guessing she is a deboxer too. I’m thinking of getting her some knee boots to wear it with. Sarah, as I call her is one of the Denim Basics girls, I forget the number, and yes it’s the Theresa face.


  2. Hi, just happened upon your site and noticed two outfits made by me. The Yellow dress with yellow and black hat and red coat with matching hat on your Midge doll. I ‘m glad you like these outfits and I am pleased that you have put them on your site for all to enjoy. Thanks. Lyn S.


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