A Red Letter Day

My latest eBay win

Yesterday was a red letter day for me. Last night, after many years of wanting one, I won a Pedigree Walker on eBay.

I already have a walking doll, my childhood doll Christine but she is not made by Pedigree. I love the faces of the Pedigree girls with their flirty eyes and cute expression. I made up my mind to get one and to make it harder on myself she had to be a twenty inch or larger doll.

They are not particularly rare but very sought after by collectors and usually go for way more than I can afford. I realised that I was probably going to have to buy one that had a few issues but as my own dolls are by no means in perfect condition I wasn’t that worried. I would draw the line at missing or broken limbs but a bit of fading, lost eyelashes, non-working mama’s and even minor body damage was acceptable. This girl came up for auction recently and although she is has a crack in her body she’s a one owner doll and I think she will be fine to display once I get her dressed.

Unfortunately, there is no Dolls Hospital here in Tasmania, not one that I know about anyway so she will have to wait until I can take her to the mainland to be repaired.

Will this be the end of my obsession with these dolls? I’m not sure. Once I have this one restored and dressed I may be happy to move on to something else but I have seen such a lot of lovely examples of them that it’s quite likely that I’ll keep on browsing for them on eBay and try to get another one.

Marilyn my Pedigree Walker in a borrowed dress

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