Photo Fun with Sindy

This afternoon I shut myself in the doll room to photograph all my Sindy’s again. I do have a lot of pictures of them already, many of which are posted on my Flickr Photostream. However, I felt that the pictures on this blog should be different and I have bought a few new Sindy outfits recently so it was a good excuse to do it.

Four dollar Sindy in Weekenders

Once I had shut out Polly, our kitten, who thought it was a lot of fun to jump on everything I lifted each doll off the shelf, took a few photos and replaced her. The results of the shoot are now in a slideshow on my Sindy page.

I still need to ID most of the dolls properly. I am not as knowledgeable about the later Sindy’s, by which I mean any made after 1968. It’s fascinating how many variations there are and I still have a lot to learn about the Pedigree girls without even worrying about the Hasbro or more recent Rainbow Sindy’s.

I suppose I am showing my age in thinking that the 1963-66 Sindy’s are the “Real” Sindy’s. I know that many collectors love the Funtimes and other later ones and I have more appreciation for those now. The only thing that stops me from owning a few more of them is space. If I were ever to win Lotto I could easily fill a whole house with various dolls and Sindy would probably get a room of her own.


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