A Barbie In The Post

image boxed Barbie
The Barbie Look-City Shopper

After my little moan the other day look what arrived in the mail. She is “The Barbie Look-City Shopper” and she is very pretty.

I don’t often buy NRFB (Never removed from box for the uninitiated) Barbies but I decided to get this one because one of my favourite eBay sellers was selling both the doll and the dress separately and after looking at both I realised that it would be just as cheap for me to buy her boxed instead and get her shoes as well. The same seller had an NRFB doll so I treated myself.

Of course she didn’t stay in the box very long. I could never buy dolls as an investment. I like playing with them too much. Here she is out of the box.

image Barbie doll
Out of the box

This doll has the “Steffie” face which is really starting to grow on me. One of my Black Basics girls has this face as well. Actually I think I llike it on the modern dolls better than the original ones.

For those of you that are not doll collectors or fans of Barbie  Steffie was a Barbie friend first produced in 1972. Steffie herself didn’t last very long, there were only three versions of her produced. However her face was so popular it was used on many other dolls over the years. Here is a link to a site that gives more information.http://www.fashion-doll-guide.com/Steffie-Doll.html And here are my two “Steffie” girls.

image Steffie faced Barbie
I really like the Steffie face
image barbie
Another Steffie face from the Black Basics series
image black basics Barbie
Black Basics Barbie, the room setting belongs to my sister


  1. I love both City Shopper Barbies, and the dress on this Barbie is gorgeous! I also love
    the Black Basics Barbie in her LBD! The Steffie face is so pretty! Thanks for posting!


  2. I am debating whether to get the other City Shopper. I really like her outfit and it would look nice on some of my Black Basics girls. I am not sure if I like the doll enough to buy her NRFB. The Black Basics really rekindled my interest in Barbie, I have several of them.


    • funny you should say that – I do have the other City Shopper (she’s lovely) and I’m considering buying THIS City Shopper Barbie, as she, too is lovely, and I
      love her dress! 🙂


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