Living Skipper

image Living Skipper
Living Skipper

It’s typical that whenever I decide that I should stay away from eBay for a while lots of dolls that I would really like to have start appearing.

I don’t buy a lot of vintage Barbie and friends because I’ve been concentrating on building up my Sindy collection for a while. I certainly hadn’t bought a Skipper in a very long time.

Recently I read a blog post called “My Favourite Skippers ( A Top Ten List)” and I was inspired to think about getting another one. I have been thinking about buying the new playline Skipper as she is the nicest doll that Mattel have put out in ages I think. I am not including collector dolls in this statement, just playline.

However, I saw Living Skipper and it looked as if she came within my budget so I decided to bid on her and to my surprise I got her.

image Living Skipper

I already have a Living Barbie. She was the first Mod Era doll that I bought. I really like the high colour dolls. So now she will have a little sister of her own. At the moment I don’t have a suitable outfit from her era so she is borrowing this dress from my original Skipper who has gone back to wearing her swimsuit for now. (I promise you can have it back later Skipper 1). Here they are together, Barbie’s outfit is a homemade. Not a great one. I made it from an Enid Gilchrist pattern soon after I bought her.

Living Barbie and Skipper
Living Skipper with big sister Barbie

This is a Living Skipper in her original packaging. She was made from 1970-73 and there were four versions of her produced. Here is a link to a site with more information.

Vintage Dramatic New Living Skipper Doll
Vintage Dramatic New Living Skipper Doll (Photo credit: tankgirltai)

I will be posting pictures of my other Skippers in the near future.


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