Barbie is a Toy OK?

Today I read this article about “Average Barbie and I’m going to have a little rant over it.

I’ve made comments on this blog before about the fact that I think that people take this issue far too seriously. At the moment dolls like “Monster High” and “Living Dead” are very popular but I don’t see too many articles worrying that girls will all want to wear Goth make up or marry a Vampire-we can blame “Twilight” for that one!

I do agree that Barbie is somewhat unrealistic but you know what? I don’t care. I didn’t care when I was twelve either. It never occurred to me to try and look that way any more than it would have occurred  to me to imitate a favourite movie or TV star. Of course some people do that. Some people even choose to imitate Barbie which looks downright bizarre but the vast majority of us do not.

image Barbies in swimsuits
Barbie may be unrealistic but does it really matter?
image Barbies in swimsuits
Barbie may be unrealistic but does it really matter?

My first thought when I saw “Average Barbie” was “I hope he intends to make clothes to fit her then.”It’s not just about the doll herself, if such a doll was to be marketed I’m sure she would be popular if she had the range of clothing and accessories that Barbie has; and as long as you are doing it Mr Lamm, don’t make them pink. That is a stereotype that does annoy me. Pink is fine but does everything for girls and women have to be bright pink. There are other colours.

It is very frustrating not to be able to find clothes to fit your dolls. As a long time collector of play-line dolls I’ve found that when Mattel redesigned Barbie’s body in the 1990s the clothes I had didn’t fit the new dolls very well and a lot of the newer clothes made the older Barbies look ridiculous. Now that I also collect Barbies with the model muse body I’ve had to revamp the Barbie wardrobe again.

But to return to my original point I do wish that adults would stop worrying so much that children will be affected for life by what their toys look like. Most dolls are unrealistic looking in some way. Bratz and others with their large heads and Blythe’s eyes are hardly normal. Can I also ask if anyone has ever done a comparison to see how much Ken resembles a “real man”? Do parents worry their sons will want to look like GI Joe or Max Steele?

Just to finish off, here is a link I just found to “The 12 Weirdest Barbie Inspired Dolls” I will add that I don’t agree about Earring Magic Ken but that may be a subject for another post.



  1. Wow! What an awesome collection of Barbie dolls you have! And I agree playing with dolls do not inspire children to become like them in later life…for kids they are dolls, their playmates


  2. no, it matters not, imho, that Barbie is unrealistic – its all about enjoyment, whether its collecting or re-dressing or whatever; I have been nuts for Barbie (even to the point of obsession almost) for many years with no sign of slowing down (I love Barbie and things Barbie AND pink)! I love
    your ‘chorus line’ pic! Lastly, I love your blog! 🙂


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