Spa Week In The Doll Room

The scenes in the doll room this week have been a cross between a Day Spa and a horror movie as I’ve been sorting and cleaning a lot of dolls.

A big box of Barbies was sorted into two categories,given a clean with Formula 9-1-1 and those that needed it had their hair tidied. A few with haircuts that were really beyond the pale or badly damaged bodies were given the Frankendolly treatment. Two Barbie heads with very frizzy hair were dunked into a container of diluted hair conditioner. I ended up not getting back to them for two days but when I combed the tangles out of their hair and rinsed it there was such a big improvement that I think I will do that more often. The long soak really improved their locks.

My vintage Midge, Allan and Skipper #1 all had sticky faces and also received the 9-1-1 treatment.

Meanwhile a group of dolls with stains was getting treated with Remove Zit. My container of Remove Zit is rather old and has gone a bit dry and crumbly so I think I need to get a new one. Unfortunately, though I really like the Twin Pines products getting them posted to Australia is ridiculously expensive. Actually getting most doll related items posted to Australia from the USA is ridiculously expensive now. It has certainly stopped me from buying from there as often. My Fashion Fever girl with a purple stain on her nose has come up well but the ink spot on one of my Malibu Barbies and the green stains on one of my Tutti dolls don’t look like coming off. I didn’t really expect it with Tutti. Those dolls have wire inside them and from what I’ve read it’s rare to get those marks out. I thought it was worth a try though and will persevere with both of them for a bit longer. Their clothes will cover the marks if they don’t come out.

The Sindy’s have been receiving attention too. A couple of them suffer from what I call “High Forehead Syndrome” They have lovely thick hair but their fringes stand up and their hair all seems to be to one side more than the other. I am not much of a hairdresser, I have enough trouble trying to get my own hair to look the same on both sides but I decided to have another try to see if I could improve them.

Image 1966 Sindy
Sindy some months ago before her spa treatment with “High Forehead Syndrome”

I found a blog post explaining how to do a boil perm. I have read about this before and even tried it on a couple of Barbies but I didn’t like the results much. Recently I bought some small sized hair grips (bobby pins for North American readers) and I hoped that these would help me to make better rollers for another attempt. The post also mentioned that the method worked just as well for flattening out hair which was the main thing I wanted to do. I picked one of my black haired Sindy’s conditioned her hair and set the rollers either side of her face. Her fringe was pinned in place and I got to work with the hot water followed by cold. Even though the blogger had recommended taking the rollers out I decided not to as I wanted to be really sure that fringe stayed flat. I wrapped Sindy’s head in plastic wrap and left her to dry.

image 1966 Sindy
Sindy After her treatment

When I took her out of her wrappings and unpinned her hair there was a definite improvement. She had a fringe! The side curls were still not totally symmetrical but they were more even than they had been so I was happy.

So happy in fact that now I have another black haired Sindy whose hair is very coarse soaking in conditioner right now. I hope I’ll be able to improve her look too.

Also in the spa at present are two Sindy’s with the opposite problem. They don’t have enough hair! I bought them more as models for clothing although they are later dolls than the ones I usually collect. If I were to sell any Sindy’s it would be these two if I found someone who could reroot them. One poor girl has so many issues I think she needs a whole body transplant but her face is lovely. She deserves better. Anyway I’m going to see if I can give them new fringes too. I don’t really want to cut any hair as they only have enough for one Sindy between them really. Both have been given outfits with head covering so if I’m not successful they won’t look any worse but I hope they will look a bit better.

Here we are a bit later on and you can see there is an improvement in this Sindy. The photo below was taken soon after I got her. She was very dirty and I’d just cleaned her up. I managed to tidy her hair a bit but it still didn’t look nice so I dressed her in a ski outfit so the anorak hood would cover it. You can see her on the header of this page on the far right hand side.The second photo was taken after I had finished working on her today. Her hair is very sparse as half the plugs seem to be missing but it doesn’t look so obvious now so she can leave her hood down.

image gen2 Sindy
Sindy when I first got her
image Gen2 Sindy
Sindy after her day at the Spa.

I have added a link to the website Our Pedigree Girl of the Sixties which has the instructions for doing a boil perm. and is an excellent site for identifying Sindy and her outfits.

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  1. Great results! I have a pet hatred of dolls with their roots at the forehead showing – I boil straighten nearly every doll who passes through my hands with this affliction. That’s a great job on the 2nd Sindy, on the first pic she looks so frizzy and that’s really hard to do anything about.


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