Fashion Doll Friday- Denim Basics Barbie #02

I am hoping to get a regular day going for posting fashion doll photos. I have so many. I will try to post one every Friday to highlight just one doll.
To kick off here is one of my favourite new girls. She is from the second series, the Denim Basics and her number is 02 but to me she is Sarah.
This week I decided to redress her in this City Shopper outfit I recently bought. I think it really suits her.

imageDenim Basics Barbie 02
Sarah showing off her legs, the couch and teddy belong to my sister
image doll in city shopper outfit
Sarah wearing the City Shopper outfit.

I like her because I have a weakness for short-haired Barbie’s and I like her brown eyes.When I first saw her in the shops she reminded me a little of the actress Kate Jackson as she looked in “Charlies Angels” What do you think?

Here is a link to more information about the Barbie Basics series.


  1. Haha, yes she does look like her! I got the first model 2 from the LBD wave and I didn’t get this one as I thought she looked too similar … Did you know, in the UK at least model 2s now seem to be attracting high prices on the reseller market? Not that you have any intention of selling, I imagine! She’s lovely, and I love that dress too … Congrats


    • Here there still seem to be plenty of them available new but yes they are holding their prices on the secondary market too. I have the LBD girl too and I actually don’t think they look that alike but then I suppose it’s like identical twins, if you know them you don’t think they look the same.


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