Fashion Doll Friday- My Favourite Fashion Fever Doll- Fashion Fever Kayla Wave V

image FFKayla Wave V
Fashion Fever Kayla Wave V

I was recently asked which was my favourite Fashion Fever doll and I had a really hard time choosing because I have several. However going through my photos I would have to say that this one is near the top of my list as she is a favourite model.

My name for her is Mel and I like her because of her unusual colouring. I don’t usually pick the blonde Barbies as my top favourites but Mel is the first blonde I had seen with the Lea face and I do love anything a bit different in Barbie.

Here she is modelling some Fashion Fever outfits from my collection.

image bathers
Obligatory Swimsuit pose.
image FF Kayla Wave V
Modelling Fashion Fever fashion.
image FF Kayla blue/black dress
She looks pretty in a dress too.
Kayla Wave V shorts
Ready for Summer
image Kayla Wave V in shorts
Wearing shorts and T shirt from a Fashion Fever closet

All the photos in this post, apart from the top one which I sourced from the internet, are mine and I took them  at my sister’s house. The furniture and props are hers.


  1. Arghhh jealousy attack! As you know, I’m a big Lea fan and in my experience this doll is really very hard to find. I love her because she looks very like my favourite, Horseriding Cali Girl Lea, but with a twist – the blonde hair, which as you say is quite rare with this sculpt. Congratulations on owning this great doll! I particularly like her in the shorts and trainers.


  2. I have a redhead with curly hair w/ this face..redressed as Twilights Victoria,but this same face is used as Jane from Twilight, Tris from divergent and Katniss fom Hunger games.A GREAT character actress I should think.She would do well in many more classic roles as well.

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