Ladies In Red

image Basics girls in red
Black Basics girls in red party dresses

Red is my favourite colour and I like to dress my Barbie’s and their friends in red outfits so today’s photos are of some of them.

My models are:

  • Maddy – Black Basics – 002
  • Ruby – Black Basics – 003
  • Rebecca- Black Basics -009
  • Julia – Black Basics – 011
  • Petra – Fashion Fever Teresa – Wave A
  • Teri – Fashionista
  • Lisa – a blonde playline Barbie
  • Tess – I don’t know what Tess was originally as I got her nude, she has the TNT body and is from the early 2000s.
  • Barbie – Reproduction Bubblecut Barbie from the late 90s
  • Midge – Original Midge with Midge/Barbie Japan body.

I took the following photographs over a period of several years from about 2005 to the present. Lisa, Teri, Barbie and Midge were photographed at my house while the rest were taken at my sister’s place with her props.

Top Photo

  • Rebecca wears a crochet OOAK dress which I bought from an eBay seller some years ago.
  • Maddy wears an evening dress from a Fashion Fever Closet
  • Julia wears another carded Fashion Fever outfit
  • Ruby also wears a Fashion Fever outfit.

image Teresa Wave A
Petra in a red denim dress.
image Basics LBD
Ruby in an old playline Barbie outfit from the late 90s. I had to pin it at the back as she is more petite.
image Teresa in red denim
Teri in an outfit from a red/white/black denim themed closet.
Julia is ready for an evening out.
image Barbie in Mikelman fashion
Lisa models a Charice outfit by Mikelman
Tess just threw this outfit together from oddments in the Barbie box.
image Barbie & Midge
Barbie  in Silken Flame/Red Flare while Midge wears a OOAK retro fashion coat and hat.

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