Swappin’ Heads Fashionistas

image Swappin Heads Fashionista
Miranda poses in the sewing room.
image Fashionista Heads
Sassy and Glam Fashionista Heads

Swappin’ Heads Fashionista

Today’s dolls are Swappin’ Heads Fashionistas from 2011. I have two of them. The dolls are fully articulated which makes them fun to pose but they do feel  a little fragile and I can’t help wondering how many will end up being cast aside with their hands broken off.

The dolls came in  categories called Sporty, Artsy, Sweetie, Sassy and Glam. Miranda, at the top of the page, is a Glam. Here she is with her original head but I prefer the less formal hair style and red lipstick.

image Swappin Heads Fashionista, Glam
Swappin Heads Fashionista Glam Style

Miranda is wearing an outfit from one of my favourite Fashion Fever Closets. The props belong to my sister.

Sandy is my other Swappin’ Heads Fashionista. She is a Sweetie style. Here she is in her original outfit. You can see her spare head above.

image Fashionista Sweetie
Sandy is a Sweetie Fashionista


  1. I find the swapping heads business a bit gruesome really! It always makes me think of “Return to Oz”, remember that film? But I so have one, a “Sporty” version, and a spare head, which I bought boxed from a discount shop. I’ve never swooped the heads on them though, I must so some experimenting …


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