Fashion Doll Friday-Jewel Girl

Jewel Girl Barbie 2000
Jewel Girl Barbie 2000

Jewel Girl Barbie

Released in 2000 Jewel Girl was a forerunner to the Fashion Fever dolls.

She had a redesigned body which featured the “Everflex Waist”. Her torso is made of a rubbery vinyl and jointed under her breasts so that her body is more poseable. Well that was the theory anyway. I was not keen to put it to the test as I felt that twisting her really hard would probably damage her. She reminded me of the rubbery Tutti’s of my childhood!

Jewel Girl’s outfit was designed to be mix and match and she came with “jewels” to decorate her clothing, or her owner’s! Her instructions stated that her body should be wiped with a damp cloth after play, probably because she seemed to pick up dust rather easily.

Looking through my photos I don’t seem to have taken many of Stella, my Jewel Girl. She was given to me as a gift and I’ve always liked her a lot so I think I will have to get her out and take some new ones.

Stella with a friend
Stella with a friend

Here is a link to the commercial Mattel released for her. I love the comment “Dolls and Fashions do not move on their own.”

Blonde Jewel Girl Barbie was the only one released in Australia but there was also a Jewel Girl Teresa and Jewel Girl Christie.

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