Fashion Doll Friday- Octopussy

This week’s doll is Octopussy. I don’t often buy Barbie Collectibles but decided to buy this one on the spur of the moment as she was available at a very good price. Because she was cheap I didn’t feel guilty about de-boxing and redressing her.

image Octopussy

Octopussy arrived dressed in this gorgeous cream coloured robe which is belted and split to the thigh. On the back is an octopus graphic. I think I really bought this doll to get the robe :-). She also has white panties,gold sandals and a gold bangle.

image Octopussy
Octopussy’s gown is split to the thigh

I think that she is very striking looking although I’m not really a fan of her expression. I prefer more friendly looking dolls as a rule. As children my sister and I would have said she looked mean and she would have been the villain in our plots. However, for the character she portrays in the film her expression is appropriate. For those who don’t know Octopussy is the name of the a mysterious woman smuggler and circus owner in the movie of the same name.I think the doll captured something of her look. I read the synopsis of this movie while researching Octopussy and it reminded me of why I don’t like James Bond movies :-S.

Octopussy (character)
Octopussy (character) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I renamed Octopussy Angelica and after a photo session I redressed her in a black OOAK gown which was given to me as part of my birthday present. It was made by a talented eBayer and I think it suits her very well. image Octopussy close up

image Octopussy redressed in OOAK gown
Angelica in an OOAK dress

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