Daily Prompt: Out of Your Reach

This Daily Prompt seemed more suited to this blog than my other one as most of my unfulfilled wishes seem to involve dolls.
Actually I think I was very fortunate as a child. When I first saw this theme I spent some hours trying to recall things that I had really wanted and not received and apart from a desire for a pedal car when I was about five I think that all the things I really wanted mum found a way to get for me. At least I can’t remember anything that I felt regretful about for years so any other wants must have been quickly forgotten.
Amongst my doll collection today I have booklets that came with my original Sindy and Skipper dolls. The illustrations of the dolls and outfits I longed for were marked with ticks.
Many of those things would not have been available at our local shops or even the “Big Shops” in Adelaide. There was no eBay in those long ago days, no internet even. How did we ever get on without it?
As an adult I’ve collected some of those things. In fact my Sindy collection has grown largely because I wanted to collect certain outfits from my booklet and needed more Sindys to wear them.
Here are a few of the outfits I really wanted.

Here are some that I managed to get as an adult.

My childhood Sindy in Country Walk.
Sindy in Lunch Date

image Dream Date

image Repro Barbie Bubblecut in Silken Flame



  1. love this! wish I’d looked sooner, all awesome looks..Have a clone silken flam and finally got a tagged one ,still working on shoes..rescues don’t usually provide those.Great pics.Fun blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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