Fashion Doll Friday – Repro Bubblecut Barbie

image Repro Barbie Bubblecut in Silken Flame
It was one of my childhood wishes to have this outfit.

The first Bubblecut Barbies were produced in 1961 and they continued until 1967 when the Mod Era began.

It was the first departure from the ponytail hairstyle for Barbie and was said to be influenced by the style of  Jacqueline Kennedy.

In 1998 Mattel produced a reproduction of a Bubblecut Barbie wearing Silken Flame and Red Flare. I actually bought my doll and outfits separately, an early eBay purchase.

Here is Jackie, yes I called her Jackie, wearing Silken Flame which was on the top of my childhood wish list even though I didn’t own a Barbie. Below she is modelling a couple of OOAK fashions made by a lady named Lyn Scantlebury. I showed a couple of pictures of these outfits in an earlier post and Lyn contacted me to say that she had made them which was really nice. I like to know where things came from.

I quite like the Bubblecut reproduction although as a child I preferred the pony tail dolls. If I’d had a Barbie of my own I probably would have wanted a Swirl Ponytail like the one my cousin had. That Titian Swirl is still on my wish list.

I do especially like the fact that they made dolls with black hair back then and that the reproduction was made with both black and blonde hair colours. As with the modern Barbies I appreciate different hair colours and different styles.

image repro Barbie Bubblecut in OOAK
I love this outfit which was made by Lyn Scantlebury and given to me as part of my birthday present from my sister.
Bubble cut Barbie in OOAK fashion
Jackie in OOAK
image repro Barbie Bubblecut in OOAK
Another OOAK outfit by Lyn Scantlebury

Red Flare is also another childhood favourite and really suits the dark-haired dolls I think.

image Barbie & Midge
Silken Flame/Red Flare and a OOAK retro fashion coat and hat.

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  1. This Repo a favorite in the red sheath and Red flame and hoping to try a crochet-knit in navey, and or gray, and or jewel-tone with black, or copy your yellow sheath/hat..Glorious glamor gal. Great blog!

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