Fashion Doll Friday – Avon Representative Barbie

Avon Representative Barbie

Fashion doll Friday has turned into Fashion doll Saturday here in Australia but it’s still Friday somewhere right?

This weeks doll is one that I bought from eBay back when I was first buying dolls from the USA. She is an Avon Representative and as I recall was one of a set of three, Caucasian, Hispanic and the one I chose, the African-American one. They were released in 1999.

I bought her because I really liked her hair and I thought the outfit was very smart and  nicely made. Surprisingly after all these years I’ve never swiped it from her for another doll to wear. I think that is because I like her so much but I bet she would look very good in some other fashions too.

One of my favourite collectible dolls.
One of my favourite collectible dolls.
AA Avon Representative Barbie
AA Avon Representative Barbie


  1. I’ve never seen this doll before! Which surprises me because I’ve always been interested in Barbies with natural black hairstyles but they’re so rare. She’s gorgeous! And I love the coordination of her outfit, those shoes are fantastic 🙂


    • Aren’t they? She was definitely the nicest of the three. I think that they must have only been available through Avon USA as I’ve not seen another. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to buy even though in those pre Paypal days it was a lot of messing about with money orders.


    • I have a growing collection of odd shoes that I’ve picked up here and there but eventually hope to return them to the feet of their owners. The vintage girls are all still packed.


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