Fashion Doll Friday – Palitoy Tressy

My childhood Tressy
My childhood Tressy

Her Hair Grows

Today’s doll is my childhood Tressy doll.  She was my first fashion doll, I think she was given to me when I was around seven. I have to admit that I never liked her as much as Sindy or Tammy. She had white hair and for some reason I’ve never cared for white-haired dolls. I think that I felt that white hair was for old people and not realistic on a child or teen doll. My mum called it “ash blonde” but I was not convinced. In this photo her hair doesn’t look that white. That is because I tried to dye her hair to a better colour with yellow food colouring. It didn’t take as well as I wanted but she does have more of a blonde colouring now.

My sister didn’t like her either, she said Tressy looked mean. So in our games Tressy became the bossy elder sister who was always beaten in the end by the much cleverer and fun-loving Patch and Penny Brite. Sindy and Tammy generally tried to stay out of it unless Tressy was really mean. I have no idea where we got the idea for this game but Tressy generally suffered mishaps such as her dress getting dirty or her new hairdo being spoiled by the wind or rain or some prank by the child dolls. Lest you think we mistreated our dolls this was all imaginative play. Mum would not have allowed us to play with them if we really messed them up that way.

Now as an adult I do appreciate the facial colouring on these dolls and have acquired a couple more of them. Tressy is wearing a genuine Tressy outfit which should have a blue rosette on the front and a white fur stole. I remember owning this outfit when I was a child and it was probably my favourite thing about Tressy back then. The hairplay never interested me that much. Maybe it would have if she had been a true blonde or brunette.

I will be making a Tressy page soon to showcase the Tressy’s and who knows I may even get some more.


  1. I just got my first Tressy on eBay this week, so your post was very timely. I’m interested in vintage alternatives to Barbie so I thought I’d give Tressy a try. Thanks for your review.


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