Fashion Doll Friday – High School Chelsie

Friend of Jazzie

Fashion Doll Friday has rolled around again and this week’s doll has given me a bit of a surprise. I obtained her some 15 or so years ago and because I’d bought her de-boxed I assumed she was Jazzie. It turns out she is one of Jazzie’s friends, Chelsie or to give her the correct title “High School Chelsie”. I should have realised that Jazzie would be a blonde 🙂

image Chelsie teen doll 1988
80s teenager Chelsie

Jazzie and her friends were produced from 1988 when Mattel decided that they needed a High School aged doll. This was before Skipper grew up. Jazzie was said to be “Barbie’s Cool Teen Cousin” She is a little smaller and less well-developed than the Barbies of that era and is probably meant to be in her mid teens.

I don’t honestly think she is an exceptionally pretty doll but I thought she was interesting as I’d never heard of Jazzie and doubt that she was sold in Australia in large numbers if at all. I’m rather fond of red-headed dolls  and I like her green eyes anyway.

Chelsie is wearing her original outfit and she does look very 1980s. I have another Jazzie friend who will feature in a page I’m planning about Barbie friends and relatives as soon as I have time to do it. There was also a boyfriend for Jazzie called Dude.

image High School Chelsie
High School Chelsie friend of Jazzie.

High School Chelsie


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