Fashion Doll Friday – Generation Girl Nichelle

This week’s Fashion Doll Friday features Nichelle, sometimes called Nikki , friend of Barbie from the Generation Girls set which was first sold in 1998. It appears that 1998 must have been a good year for Barbie as a lot of my favourite dolls and fashions seem to be from that year. I was a new collector then and as I was working full-time I probably bought more new dolls than at any other time. I have all the Generation Girls from the first edition plus Blaine NRFB except Nikki who I could not find in the shops here. I bought her loose from eBay.

image Gen Girl Nikki
Generation Girl Nikki

The Generation Girls were another set of dolls that represented high school students. Their back story is that they all met at New York’s International High School. Each doll had a distinct personality and came with accessories to match her hobbies and ambitions. The dolls are a little slimmer than the Barbie’s of that time, more like the slim figure of Teen Skipper. The other dolls were Barbie (of course), Chelsie, Tori, Lara and Ana. Later two more were added Mari and a “Generation Boy” Blaine. Several playsets were released for these dolls but as far as I know none were sold in Australia. I’ve included a link to the Barbie Wiki which details the characters of the Generation Girls (and Boy).

I didn’t like her original outfit that much so I’ve redressed her in this 1996 Fashion Avenue Fashion.

image Nikki in Fashon Ave
Fashion Avenue Boutique Fashion from 1996.



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