Photo Fun taking a Group Shot

Recently I decided that I would rearrange my Barbie shelves and photograph a lot of the Barbies I had stored away. I wrote about this in “Meet the Models”.

After taking pictures of individual dolls I thought it would be fun to put my African-American dolls together for a group photo. I had been taking the photos inside a 12×12″ plastic cube which is part of a storage unit so I could get a plain background so I started to arrange the girls inside it. It was not easy. I don’t have a lot of doll stands and getting them all to balance and arranging them so all their faces could be seen was quite a task.

As I worked it seemed to me that the girls were smiling and laughing the way a group of friends does when they find themselves in this situation. They all seemed very young and lively except Ms Avon who looked calm and amused as if she were their teacher or chaperone. Desi (Black Basics 10) seemed determined to lean over, her shoes didn’t fit her properly so I had to leave them off but she looked as if she were having a wonderful time. In contrast Mbili (Black Basics 08) looked as if she wished everyone would stop fooling around and get on with it.

African American Barbies
Some of my African-American Barbies

Then I thought I should try to get the boys in the photo as well so I had to move everyone again. I couldn’t get everyone in the picture. I need a few more Ken outfits for the guys and one or two girls missed out but I’ll put up a page with the whole gang and some information about them and their outfits very soon.

African American Barbie and Ken group
Group shot of most of my African-American Barbie and Ken dolls.

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