Meet the Models Part Two

Today I’d like to share some more pictures of Fashion Avenue outfits from the late 1990s and early 2000s. I do think that they had some very nice ones. Most of mine were bought in the late 90s. The later ones I don’t have many of because by this time I had moved to Tasmania and there were not as many shops selling Barbie outfits and those that I could find didn’t have much variety. However I do have a lot of outfits and photographing them all is a current project of mine.

First let’s meet the models:

Not in any particular order they are:

  • Janet – Beyond Pink Christie
  • Nikki – Generation Girl Nichelle
  • Mbili – Black Basics Barbie 08
  • Desi – Black Basics Barbie 10
  • Nikki 2 – Teen Skipper’s friend Nikki I think she may be Pajama Fun Nikki but I can’t be sure.

The Fashions:

Nikki is wearing an outfit from the 1996 Boutique Collection

image Nikki in Fashon Ave
Fashion Avenue Boutique Fashion from 1996.

Janet’s outfit is from the 1997 International Collection and is labelled Italy.

Fashion Avenue "Italy"
Fashion Avenue “Italy”

Desi wears an Australian Exclusive fashion by Saba. First released in 1999 and again in 2001.

Mbili wears a Trend City series outfit from 1999.

Desi in Saba and Mbili in Trend City
Desi in Saba and Mbili in Trend City
Trend City Fashion
Trend City Fashion

Nikki 2 is wearing an outfit from 1997-98 called Cool Looks.

Cool Looks Skipper Fashion
Cool Looks Skipper Fashion

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