Two Heads Are Better Than One

Coth Doll 3

Here is a funny old doll that I found at an Adelaide flea market.   She has a head at each end and no feet. Often this type of doll has one face sleeping and the other awake or a sad face and a happy face but this one is half black and half white. She has a bit of a home-made look to her and I think she is fairly old.

I’ve seen patterns for two-headed dolls in old magazines. I think my mum made a few of them, she used to like making rag dolls. I made one myself once but it was not like this. It had a face on each side of its head and a big bonnet which you swapped over to cover one of them. I was a teenager at the time and not being a great sewer I was quite proud of my achievment. She came out quite well. I don’t have her now. I think I gave her away. We often used to give toys to the local hospital at Christmas time in those days.I wish I still had that pattern. I would love to make another one.

Cloth Doll 2

Cloth doll


  1. I read somewhere that these dolls were meant to depict a lady and a servant – I also read that they were designed so that black children could “hide” the fact that they had a white doll, by turning her inside out … sounds like a bit of a myth to me, but what do I know? I can’t remember where I read it, so it might be true …


  2. I heard these were two characters from the Raggedy Ann series of books, I’m not sure but thought the AA side was Hattie the girls other doll or something..unsure of sourse, sorry.Know there were patterns for individual character though.Still looking for good written documentation in doll periodicals.

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