Triang Dolls House No. 61- Reblogged from Shed on the Pond

I found Shed on the Pond when I was looking for some pictures or information about Triang dolls houses. The one in this post number 61 looks like the one I had as a child. Lee Higgins has done a fantastic job of restoring this and many other Triang dolls houses and I’m sure you will find the blog interesting if you like miniature things.

Shed on the Pond's Blog

Here we go again, a new dollshouse to add to my collection.  It needs slight renovation but all together in not too bad condition.  I bought this at an auction, the first one I have ever been to, so I was glad I had the highest bid.  I don’t really have room for another house but it looked so lonely I just had to have it, I will make room somehow, with a little rearranging.
The roof has been papered, so this will have to be stripped off, but the roof looks in quite good condition underneath.

The window frames need attention as they are a bit rusty, there are curtains at the windows, which I am very pleased about, as the other houses I have do not have any.  I can carefully remove them to tidy up the window frames. 

I am not going to do anything to the…

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