I hadn’t heard of this campaign until I read this article. I then went and read some of the other articles that commented on it. Here is one I liked. http://www.theverge.com/2014/2/12/5405002/barbie-sports-illustrated-swimsuit-campaign-is-unapologetic-trolling. A lot of good arguements can be made for both sides and I can understand why some people would find this a bit bizarre to say the least. Howevever I am still in the “It’s a toy, get over it.” school of thought. I’m also cynical enough to believe that Mattel are not so much celebrating Barbie as looking for a whole new market and hoping the controversy will sell a lot of dolls. I’m sorry their sales are slipping but sadly a lot of their collectible dolls are too expensive for people like me to buy and the quality of the play line dolls has slipped. I can only hope Barbie will bounce back as she always has.

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An article in the Los Angeles Times called “#Unapologetic Barbie: Sorry campaign or shrewd controversy?” discusses the recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, which featured a Barbie doll on the cover. Tons of Twitter-users posted negative comments about Barbie’s newfound attitude, stating that she sets a poor example for young girls by portraying unrealistic expectations for the adult female body. Parents especially were furious about this campaign, claiming that their children would become insecure about their bodies and become obsessed with the “perfect figure” upon age. And yet, how many little girls actually consider eating disorders purely out of the image of a doll? 

Other comments were aimed at the sexual objectification of women, and how Barbie represents an unrealistic representation of the actual female body. A July 2013 article on Time Magazine’s website noted the differences between a more realistic version of Barbie, called “Average Barbie” and the…

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  1. I, too, am of the opinion “its just a doll; get over it” – my daughter, now grown, had a
    few Barbies when she was growing up, and I don’t think she has been adversely
    affected – she and I are able to talk maturely about anything, something which I
    respect and cherish. I’m also certain this controversy is not going to go away any
    time soon.


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