Barbie Basics – De-Boxed

image Denim Basics 3
Denim Basics no.3 aka Avis.
image Denim Basics Barbie  11
Denim Basics no. 11 aka Joanne

As readers of this blog will know I’m quite a fan of the Barbie Basics line. When the first collection came out I became excited about buying new Barbies for the first time since the Fashion Fever series ended. Yes I know their arms are a pain in the neck. Fashionista’s are easier to pose but I like the Basics girls because they seem to be better quality dolls and I like their different faces. You have seen quite a few of my Basics girls on the blog so far and today I’d like to introduce a couple more. Meet Avis and Joanne.

Usually if I buy new dolls I de-box them right away but occasionally I keep them intact for a while. Here in Australia most of the Basics dolls retailed for between $A35-50 which is quite expensive for me. It shows how much I liked them that I was prepared to pay full price for some of the first ones I bought. I scoured Hobart, which means I went to the 2 K Marts,2 Targets, 3 Big W’s, Myer,Toyworld and Toy Kingdom in the Hobart metro area to find the best prices and put them on lay-by. After they started becoming a bit scarce I had to look online and hope that the cost of postage didn’t make them too expensive.

Avis deboxed
Avis deboxed

Anyway, about a year ago I was on my way to a cricket match and stopped at a K Mart near the cricket ground. Imagine how delighted I was to find Denim Basics no. 3 on sale there for $10. I snatched her up there and then and took her to the cricket with me. However, due to lack of space in the doll room she has stayed in her box till now. I decided to liberate her because I could just picture her in a particular outfit and wanted to see how she would look in it. I really like Avis, as I’ve named her, because of her  Steffie mold face and her wild curly hair. Barbies with curly hair are high on my “must buy” list because there are not so many of them. Here is Avis in her new outfit.

image fashion avenue 2003
Avis in a Fashion Avenue Trend series outfit from 2003. I added a ribbon headband.

Joanne was a more recent purchase. I went to Hobart to have lunch with a friend and afterwards she offered to drop me off where I was meeting Hubby for the trip home. It was earlier than I expected and I knew he would not arrive for another half an hour at least so on a whim I said “Drop me off at Toyworld instead.” I don’t often get to Toyworld and I had no expectations of finding anything good as it is usually disappointing. However, it turned out to be my lucky day. They were having a special on Barbie Basics, they were all reduced to $17.95. Oh how I wanted to buy them all. I picked the one I liked the best and regretfully left the others hoping they would still be there the next time I called in. It might seem surprising that I’d choose a Barbie with long blonde hair, they are not usually my first choice, but no. 11 has the Teresa face and there are not so many blonde Teresa’s. I’ve always liked that face mold. I deboxed Joanne practically right away and tried a couple of different outfits on her. I’d just bought some new ones from eBay and she made a great model for them.

image denim basics 11
Joanne wears a pink gingham top bought from eBay and her own jeans.
Joanne in a green cocktail dress.
Joanne in a green cocktail dress.

The tail end of this story is that a few days after my trip to Hobart I was invited to participate in a focus group for which I was paid $80. You can guess what I did. I went back to Toyworld and they still had some of the dolls left so I put three of them on lay-by. You will meet them soon when I bring them home.

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