Love Is In The Air

I really enjoy taking photos of my Barbies with their boyfriends but as I don’t own many Kens myself I make use of my sister’s collection quite a lot. She doesn’t do social media so I try not to feature her dolls too often and if I do I always credit her for the use of her guys and props.

Today I’m going to show you a some pictures of my own happy couples where both dolls belong to me.
Until recently I’d never thought of taking photos of the vintage dolls in this way but on my Barbie shelves at home I have paired a lot of them up. Naturally a little romance is going to develop from time to time.

Love in the 70s

Casey & Friend

Stephen aka Ken as Superman is pictured here with Tess one of my regular models.
My Hero

Jan aka Red Basics Barbie wearing a Skipper dress which fits surprisingly well is about to hit the dance floor with her partner.
Shall We Dance?



  1. Lovely! You’ve got some great poses going there. I particularly like the two Brunettes (the girl with the Mackie face, is that Tess? She’s gorgeous <3)


    • Yes that is Tess, I’d just washed her hair when I took that and it was still damp so quite different from her photo in evening wear. She’s a favourite even though I’m not sure who she originally was.


  2. I wish you well in your pursuits. I’m always honored when people commit to following my blog, and a little awed as well — the responsibility to putting out work that people want to read. But, I have found out that the most important person I have to please, ultimately, is myself. If I don’t do that, it doesn’t matter how many I please in the long run. Sounds a little self-serving at first, but it’s true… 🙂


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