Reporting from the Pink Aisle- LITD Barbie and Ken hit Hobart

Warning – Rant Alert

LITD Barbie has finally arrived in Hobart along with Ken but none of the friend dolls which is a shame because I thought Midge looked rather nice when I saw her online and I also like the look of Summer and Raquelle.

I’ve been hearing about these dolls for a while so what did I think? Well I thought she was OK but nothing to get too excited about. I liked the real lashes and her face is likeable but when all is said and done I just saw another pink playline Barbie, not as bad as some but not great either. Well that’s my opinion anyway. I had a good look at Ken and while I thought he wasn’t bad I would have preferred to have seen a rooted hair one. However he wasn’t bad looking really and the  outfit was OK for once. At least he wasn’t wearing a tuxedo or a pink themed outfit.

I am so over the colour pink in toys and dolls. Do you know I passed by some toy dinosaurs and they had a pink dinosaur. No kidding! Is it just me that likes realism in toys? Do they(toy manufacturers) know that girls like other colours as well?

I only checked out three stores today, Target in Hobart, Toyworld and Big W in  suburban Kingston which we passed on the way home. They all had more or less the same range of dolls except that Toyworld had some collector dolls and the bargain Basics as well as playline. So what did I like? There were a few “I Can Be” Barbies. Nurse Barbie has quite a cute face and while her outfit had the regulation pink at least it wasn’t all pink this time. Most of the “I Can Be’s” are pretty enough but too similar to each other for me to want more than one. Once you take their outfits off they are going to be hard to tell apart I think. I’d probably buy the nurse if I could get her for a good price. Oh dear now I sound like that dreadful Rick on “Pawn Stars” (one of Hubby’s favourite shows).

There was the usual assortment of Princesses, Fairies and Mermaids.  They seem to be coming with more moulded on clothing than ever and it looks as if the latest mermaids don’t even have actual legs. At least that’s what the way they are jointed suggests. But you can style their hair and put stuff in it so that must be all they think little girls might want to do. I deeply hate this type of doll, sorry to those who like them but I really do.

There were some Fashionistas and I did quite like some of those although I tend to think Summer and Raquelle are prettier than Barbie.  I liked some of their outfits too. Teresa is a real disappointment to me. I loved the Teresa face mold. Some of my favourite dolls have the Teresa face and she always looked distinctly different from Barbie but now she just looks like a brunette Barbie. In fact I don’t find a lot of difference in the friend doll faces except for Lea and Nikki. They all have the same kind of look. I do like that LITD Midge has the Steffie face although I really like the Diva face on Midge. I have several of them. At any rate it is different. For me there is something about recent playline Barbie’s faces that just looks wrong to me and it is hard to explain just what it is. I generally pick dolls by their facial expressions and these just look blank to me. It’s not because I want to find fault and I feel like I’m always moaning about playline Barbies. I always look out for new ones optimistically hoping there will be something I’ll love like I did the Fashion Fevers and Basics and I’m always disappointed when it doesn’t happen.

I know that there have been periods like this in the past. All those blonde 90s Barbies you see at markets and recycle shops look pretty much the same with their hair mussed up and original outfits gone and some of the later 70s ones were, shall we say, pretty ordinary. So maybe there is hope that Barbie will come good again. Of course there are a lot of very nice collectible dolls. It’s just that I have a collectors taste on a playline budget. 🙂

I was pleased to see that there were a lot more fashions about than usual. Some multi outfit packs as well as individual outfits. Most were the usual pink and lavender but there were a few nicer ones as well. Ken got 3 outfits. A casual outfit which I quite liked, a top and shorts and  a tuxedo, another one, really? Oh well at least it was a different colour, blue pants, blue print shirt and blue jacket.  I didn’t buy any today. I thought about a couple, even picked them up but in the end decided against them, for now.





  1. I agree – I think its time for a change. The GG face has been Barbie’s face since before the turn of the Century now, so we’re practically at the point where Mums are buying Barbies for their kids that have the same face as the dolls they played with, and for various reasons I just don’t think that’s a good idea. I’d love to see a new look Barbie. I think they’d be better off making the Mackie hybrid face used on some of the Fashionistas and the Glam Hair dolls (who I love, despite their ridiculously blue eyes) the “main” Barbie face, although I’d prefer to see a completely new playline sculpt with a big launch. And fashionwise, Barbie just needs to get sharper – look at the outfits worn by Monster High, EAH, Lalaloopsy – all cute, yes there’s some pink but its generally in context and there’s good colour combination.

    Haha, you made me rant too now! I hope you find your Dreamhouse Midge, she’s a great doll and it might cheer you up about current playline! 🙂


  2. I can so relate to your rant on the current playline. Lea is right, a new face would be a great idea, plus a lot of less pinkish dolls and furniture.


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