Charice is Sweet as Candi

I was quite late putting up my Fashion Doll Friday girl today because I wanted to take some new photos for it. As you can see I decided to feature one of my Charice dolls. I have four of them which were all bought from the Paul David website as was “boyfriend” doll Dominic. The dolls were incredibly cheap I thought and in those days shipping costs from the USA were not as high as they are today.

In the end I took enough photos to warrant making a page about them. You can see other photos on my new page “Sweet as Candi”  which also features my Candi and older Integrity dolls.

If you haven’t seen these dolls before they are Barbie sized and have a very solid, well-made feel to them. Their face paint, done by MiKelman is beautiful however I’m not really a fan of their haughty expressions. These are dolls that I bought for interest as something different from Barbie. I like them but I can’t honestly say I love them.

Charice looking regal in an OOAK gown.
Charice looking regal in a OOAK gown.
Fabulous Fur Red Hot Charice
Fabulous Fur Red Hot Charice

I kept my Fabulous Fur Charices in their boxes for some years only taking them out when I needed more space on the doll shelf. I’ve never even removed the tag from Red Hot Charice although I did take Black Magic Charice’s outfit to try on another doll so she is my model for this post. As well as dolls there were some exclusive fashions and I was able to buy a few of them. You can see one on my African-American Candi.

Here is one of my favourites. I believe that the Charice dolls and fashions were intended for adult collectors as this style seems a little racy to give to a child. Normally I wouldn’t put a red outfit on a red-haired doll but I still could not quite bring myself to change Red Hot out of her original outfit.

Charice was designed for adult collectors.
Charice was designed for adult collectors.
This Mikelman outfit was designed for Charice.
This Mikelman outfit was designed for Charice.

The other notable thing about both Charice and Candi is that they are considerably bustier than Barbie, I mean they are bigger than the older TNT Barbie bodies before she had the breast reduction surgery. This means that while they do fit Barbie outfits they don’t fit well at the top and some low necklines look, well if she wasn’t made of vinyl you’d wonder how she was keeping everything inside!



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