My Pedigree Walker

Say hello to Marilyn

Readers of this blog will possibly remember that I have long wanted a Pedigree Walker. I found myself very attracted to their flirty eyes and cute expressions and spent many an hour searching eBay for one I  could afford. They are extremely popular dolls and one in good condition, dressed will easily go for $300 or more. Way out of my league. I especially wanted a 20″ doll so that she would be the same size as Christine my childhood walking doll. I was prepared to buy a slightly damaged doll that would still display well until I could afford to get her restored.

Eventually I got lucky and found a doll, it was not long after I began this blog last year but no picture of her has appeared on it so far. I wanted to wait until I had found her just the right outfit so that she could appear looking as gorgeous as a Pedigree girl should. However, time has gone by and I still haven’t found just the right outfit so I have borrowed a dress for her from another doll so that she can be photographed and I can tell you the story of how I bought her.

Marilyn my Pedigree Walker
Marilyn my Pedigree Walker

When I spotted her on eBay she was being sold without clothes for parts or restoration. I looked at her and although she did have a crack on her hip and had lost her eyelashes I thought she was really too good to use for spare parts. I mean I am about the same age as she is and I’m hardly perfect. I made a bid and to my delight I was successful. The seller had some other dolls which were in better condition so perhaps that’s why she didn’t go for as much.

I emailed the seller who was in NSW to check how she’d like to be paid and about the shipping. When I win something I am especially excited about I always want to tell the seller that and often we have some nice emails back and forth until the transaction is finished. I thought it was a shame that eBay does not allow buyers and sellers to communicate directly because I really liked the sound of this lady and I would have liked to have kept in touch with her.

Anyway I want to tell you the story she told me about my doll. All the dolls she was selling had belonged to a dear friend of hers who had passed away from breast cancer about 10 years previously. Until then she had not had the heart to dispose of the dolls but she was moving house so it had to be done. The proceeds from the sale were to be donated to breast cancer research.

She was very pleased to know that the doll was going to a home where she would be a loved member of my doll collection. Her friend whose name was Marilyn had been very fond of the doll and my seller said that  they used to joke that she even looked like Marilyn. I decided that I would call the doll Marilyn in her memory.

The next time that I go to Adelaide or Melbourne I intend to take Marilyn with me to go to the doll hospital where she will have the crack repaired and get some new eyelashes. I don’t think I want to change her hair even though it’s a bit coarse but she will get that pretty dress one of these days. After that I’ll show her to you again.Pedigree Walker

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  1. At first I though you were talking about a dog or a horse – with those “flirty eyes and cute expressions.” Your Pedigree Walker doll meets those criteria too of course and she is quite a beauty and that is quite a story. LOL! 🙂


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