First Blogversary

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Happy Anniversary

I made it! I was rather surprised to receive congratulations from WordPress in March as although I probably signed up last March I didn’t publish my first post till May. For that reason I didn’t want to display the message right away. But now it’s really my first anniversary of blogging and I’m proud of it.

When I started blogging my goal was just to write regularly. I honestly was not sure if I had the committment to keep going. Would I think of enough things to write about, would anybody even read it?

Over a year I’ve made some progress. I can always find things to write about my dolls and having the blog makes doing a photo session more fun because I can share the pictures with like-minded people. After about a month of doll blogging I found that I wanted to write off topic so I decided to start “My Other Blog” which is also still going strong. I’m never sure just how many people are reading it but it doesn’t really matter. Just having it motivates me to go out and take photos for it or to explore ideas I’d like to write about. I’m not yet a post a day blogger but I’m getting there.

So a big thank you to all the people out there who have liked my posts, followed my blogs and commented on them. Even though I say I don’t care if nobody reads them I really do and it is good to know that people like them.



    • My Other Blog, that is it’s name by the way is a blog I started to write off topic and is about places I have been, rants about things that annoy me, responses to daily posts and whatever else comes to mind. You can link to it from the dolls home page.


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