What They Wore Before – Clothes for the unfashionable doll.

Recently I went through more of my old Barbie outfits and I thought that it would be fun to show some of the first fashion doll outfits I bought when I started to collect. I did buy a lot of Fashion Avenue outfits but as a lot of my dolls came from markets and secondhand shops then I often bought clothing at those places too and in discount stores where there would often be generic branded clothing.

In the box I was looking through I found tagged Barbie outfits which probably date from around the early to mid 1990s, untagged outfits and some home-made including one or two “me-mades”.

I recruited Lisa to help show them off as she is a typical 90s blonde Barbie. This is Lisa.

Our model today
Our model today

Well here are the clothes:


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Striped top and Pinafore

Denim outfits were always popular but Mattel generally used fabric printed to look like denim. I can understand this to a point because if it’s not done right denim on fashion dolls can look bulky. However this looks cheap I think. Can’t remember buying it so it was more likely acquired with a lot of dolls or outfits. I think in the US this type of dress is called a jumper but to me a jumper is something you knit so pardon me for preferring the English term.

Tartan skirt and red knitted jumper

This is what I call a jumper, or sweater if you like. Acrylic knit and a little bulky but I like the skirt which is a woven check. I guess I liked this outfit because it’s the kind of thing I used to wear myself as a teen although my skirts were never this short. I was never fashionable. I think this one is a generic brand.

Printed check skirt, red knitted jumper and scarf

This is very similar except the skirt is made of thinner material and the pattern is printed on. I’m not sure if the scarf was meant for neck or head. It wasn’t a very good fit on either as it’s rather short to tie up properly. I used a pin to keep it in place. It is tagged Barbie.

Orange and Black skirt and top

Another skirt with a printed design but I quite like this because of the black top. This was a generic brand and probably bought in a discount shop.

Blue crop top and navy shorts.

I have a bag full of shorts and little tops. These are tagged Barbie and I have no memory of where they came from but I always liked blue on Lisa.

Purple Velour top and silver pants.

Remember when we all wore velour tops? I know I had a couple. This is one I made when I was experimenting with sewing for Barbie. It survived because I liked the colour and didn’t feel it was as horrible as most of the things I made. The pants came from another outfit and are some kind of synthetic woven material. They don’t fit as nicely as modern Barbie pants do.

Black one piece outfit.

I’m not sure of the date of this Barbie outfit. I think it predates the Fashion Avenue series. I quite liked it because it looked smart and different from the usual pastel colour offerings. I still have the boots and accessories that came with it although I don’t love the glasses. Poor Lisa looks like Velma from Scooby Doo in them.

Denim outfit with Lace top

This is another generic one and I have to wonder what the makers were thinking. The lacy top under the jacket is completely see through. Lisa is embarrassed to be seen in this and wishes she was a Fashionista so she could fold her arms. The fit of the fake denim pants is not great either.

I took quite a lot of photos today so we’ll probably have another “What They Wore Before” another day.


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