Blue Feet and Cleaning the Closet

This week I’m busy cleaning, sorting and cataloging dolls that I’ve had stored for some time. I don’t get them out very often and I thought it was time that I checked them for issues.

The first thing that happened was that they were all stripped down to their birthday suits. Most were fine but a couple needed a wipe down to remove marks and glitter from sparkly dresses. Diva Robyn our Friday pin-up girl needed her earrings removed and cleaned. I checked her for green ear while I was at it but she was fine. Two or three had ink spots (not from me) or dye marks from clothing. The worst case was a Candi girl with blue feet from the  shoes she’d been wearing. They are all sitting around coated in Remove Zit at present. Needless to say everyone will be going back into  storage naked to avoid a repeat of this. Sorry girls, I know it’s cold. Hair is being combed and stray locks tidied or trimmed away.

Candi doll's feet coated in Remove Zit.
Candi doll’s feet coated in Remove Zit.
A few of the girls waiting to be allocated a  place in the storage drawers.
A few of the girls waiting to be allocated a place in the storage drawers.

While the girls are shivering in the transit lounge waiting to be allocated to a storage area all the clothes are getting sorted out. I try to keep each Fashion Fever Closet in a separate bag but over time because I like to mix and match they get muddled so now I’m putting them in order again. I either downloaded or took photos of a lot of my closets before opening them but sadly I  seem to have missed a few  or at least I didn’t print them out. I have a folder to save me running back to the computer every five minutes to check on what shoes went with what clothing. As my Basics girls can’t wear a lot of FF shoes and some skirts are too loose on them they are responsible for a lot of this muddle. I have to keep a lot of different clothing sizes to accommodate them, the FF girls and the older twist waist Barbies and Candi’s. It took quite some time to match up all the closets again but apart from one or two stray items they are all sorted again. I’m thinking of writing on the bags what should be in each one. Would that be really anal? My memory isn’t what it was.

A couple of pages from my home made Barbie Fashion guide book.
A couple of pages from my home made Barbie Fashion guide book.

Once I’ve got this done I plan to do a series of posts on Fashion Fever Closets. That will be fun. Look how many things came in the closet below. Some had more, a few had less. You just don’t get that now. They were such great quality and value for money compared to today’s play-line but I’m not going to harp on that again. Not today anyway.

One of  my favourite FF Closets
One of my favourite FF Closets




  1. Interesting … now I need to check on my dressed dolls that I have laying around.

    When I saw that Candi’s feet lathered in RemoveZit, I gave a mental scream. Not a pretty look, lol.

    I would – ideally – box my doll fashions by build, but I probably would not separate the FF fashions that I have (many) by individual closet. I admire that you have done so.

    Looking forward to the Fashion Fever Fashions post. Mine are loose and all over.

    Your post has given me some inspiration: I have some Fashion Fever furniture still boxed. Maybe I’ll share them ;-D


    • I used to have mine all over but now that I want to share them on the blog it makes sense to have them in some kind of order. I hope you will share your FF furniture. I’d love to see it and I’m sure others would as well.


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