My First Fashion Royalty Dolls

I have wanted to have a Fashion Royalty doll for some time as I like their articulation but up to now they have been too expensive for me to afford one. Recently I saw two on eBay, both from the same seller who, luckily for me, was in Australia. Quite often the cost of shipping dolls from the USA costs as much or more than the dolls themselves. I didn’t intend to buy both dolls but as one already had a bid on it and the auctions were ending only a couple of minutes apart I decided to put a bid on each of them. I’d recently lost a couple of auctions by being outbid in the dying seconds and this way I hoped to get at least one doll. Imagine how surprised I was to win both of them. It did mean paying out more than I had intended but as they were cheaper than I’d seen Fashion Royalty dolls before I still felt I’d done well.

Alex & Roberta are FR Poppy Parker dolls
Alex & Roberta are FR Poppy Parker dolls

The girls are both Poppy Parker dolls. I don’t know a lot about these dolls yet, they seem to have a lot of back story so I’m just going to tell you what I got from the eBay seller I bought them from.
The one I really wanted is “Take The Picture” ‘Funny Face, Poppy Parker Vanessa. I think she has the prettier face of the two. That’s quite a pedigree. I’m just going to call her Alex.

Alex sitting on the couch
Alex sitting on the couch

The other one is “On How To Be Lovely” , Funny Face, Poppy Parker Veronique. As soon as I saw her I thought of the Robert Palmer song “Simply Irresistible” with the video clip of the girls. I’m sure anyone who was alive in the 80s remembers it. She will be Roberta, what else?

Roberta unplugged
Roberta unplugged

I haven’t taken a lot of pictures of the girls yet, I’m still trying to find out what shoes fit them but I plan to have another session with them soon.



  1. Congratulations, they’re interesting dolls. I’d love a Poppy Parker – what an amazing face sculpt – but I have the same problem as you, the import costs are ridiculous and the dolls aren’t cheap to start with. Well, just goes to show it’s worth keeping an eye out 🙂


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