Where Do They Belong?

I still need to find out where these belong!
I still need to find out where these belong!


  1. I can give you a hand on some of the handbags.

    The pearly blue handbag and sunglasses in the plaxtic bag belong to Fashion Avenue 16953.

    The pink handbag with the embroidered floral motif belongs to Fashion Avenue B853, Fashion Fever Wave B Drew had the same handbag..

    The handbag with the buel felt heart belongs to Fashion Avenue B8243.

    The yellow clear plactic handbag with the pink trim belongs to Fashion Fever Wave F Teresa H0896.

    The pink chunkx plastic handbag was included in FF Closet J9313.

    The black and pink handbag belongs to the Fashion Fever L3381 outfit.

    I hope that helps a little.


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