The Dolls House and Miniature Show 2014

It's up there.
It’s up there.

Today I went to the Dolls House and Miniature Show in Hobart. The show is put on every  other year, usually around the end of June or beginning of July, by The Miniature Enthusiasts of Tasmania Inc. The past couple of shows have been held in the Long Gallery of the Salamanca Arts Centre. It’s a good venue as it is right in the heart of the city with easy access to public transport and parking and plenty of cafes around the Salamanca area. The entry fee was a very reasonable $5. The club always supports a children’s charity and this year they chose Tascare’s ‘Freedom Wheels for Children’.

Each year the show has a theme and this year it was “A Matter of Scale”. The highlight of the show was a fictitious English village called Littlebourne which was created by members. I spent a lot of time admiring the village and all its detail. I loved the little back garden with washing on the line, the farm and the different styles of houses. Littlebourne was created in what miniaturists call “quarter scale”. In quarter scale a quarter of an inch equals one foot, an inch equals forty-eight inches (1:48). Railway modellers will be familiar with this as it is used in “O Gauge” train sets. You can read more about quarter scale here.

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The other popular scales for miniature houses are 1:12 and 1:24 scales and the tiny 1:144. I’m a fumble fingers and can’t imagine working in such a tiny scale. I saw a lady knitting a jumper for a teddy bear with needles that looked the size of a pair of match sticks.

There were not so many dolls houses this year as the miniaturists had mostly concentrated on other ways to display tiny goods, some of them were quite ingenious. Here are a few that I saw.

A collection of miniatures on the theme of "You don't need a dolls house."
A collection of miniatures on the theme of “You don’t need a doll’s house.”
I liked this model of a caravan complete with cat.
I liked this model of a caravan complete with cat.
This must be the smallest miniature I saw.
This must be the smallest miniature I saw.

One display I liked was a series of framed dioramas each depicting an Australian song. Unfortunately these did not photograph well, even without using a flash I found I was getting too many reflections but I have included a couple so that you can see what I’m talking about. Some of the songs featured were “Pub With No Beer”, “Redback on the Toilet Seat”, “Up There Cazaly” (about Australian Rules football for those who don’t know), “Our Don Bradman” (about cricket), “The Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree”, “Click Go The Shears” and several others.

Each one of these portrays an Australian song.
Each one of these portrays an Australian song.
"Our Don Bradman"
“Our Don Bradman”

Another clever display was called “Ex Libris” and has a very interesting feature in the basement!

What is the secret of the library?
What is the secret of the library?
This is a terrible photo but included to show what was in the basement in detail.

One of the things that I learned at the show was that the miniaturists set out to make their models with things that you might find lying around the house. In “Launceston’s Little Loos” the challenge is to make the miniature without buying anything. “Powder Room” is another example of this as the only thing that was bought was the cat!

Launceston's Little Loos
Launceston’s Little Loos
Powder Room
Powder Room

Of course there were traders there too with everything from lace nightgowns in 1:24 scale to lighting, food and furniture. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning at the fair and will look forward to the next one in 2016.

One of the many trade stands.
One of the many trade stands.

I have been planning for some time to do a page about my love of small things. I’ve always loved dolls houses but I also like things like scale model villages and of course model railways. I will try to put this page up in the near future and will include a bit more of the information I gathered today.



    • It was terrific Linda, I try to go every time it’s on and alway look forward to seeing what modellers have made. I thought I had picked up the leaflet with the clubs details on it but can’t find it now. I would love to include the days, places and times that you all meet on the new page I’ve just put up about dolls houses and miniatures. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi – I have just re-visited your page on our last Dollhouse and Miniatures Show and read Linda’s comment and your reply. You may or may not be aware that our next Show is coming up very soon – 4th & 5th June. You made mention of wanting to know about when we hold our workshops etc. We hold workshops several times a month – e.g. Eastern Shore – every first Monday of the month at 7pm at Bellerive. Central Group – every 4th Saturday at 1pm at Lenah Valley and our Launceston group – every 3rd Monday at 1pm. We always welcome new members. please contact me via my email if you need any further information.

    Kaye – President MET


    • HI Kaye, thank you very much for the heads up on the next show. I will certainly be going. I also appreciate the information about workshops and although I can’t get to any at the present time I’m sure that there may be others who can so I’ll post the information on the page.


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