Fashion Fever Closets – Part Four- Hilary Duff blue themed closet

Hillary Duff blue closet

The full closet
The full closet

Today’s Fashion Fever closet is another favourite of mine because it is a very good mix and match closet. Personally I don’t like to put horizontal and vertical stripes in the same outfit but that’s just me. I often use pieces of this closet with clothing from other closets as well.

After I had been collecting Fashion Fever dolls and outfits for a while I tried to get into the habit of taking a photo of the doll or outfit before I deboxed it for record purposes. I wish I’d started doing it earlier as it makes closet sorting a lot easier. However there are a lot of stock photos of them on the net so I often use these for ID purposes. I’ll try to illustrate these posts with my own photos but occasionally I may use a downloaded one to show the full closet. This is one of those times.

The models are:

  • Juliet- Coca Cola Soda Fountain Sweetheart Barbie 2000
  • Pamela-Fashion Fever Summer 2007
  • Becky-Black Basics Barbie -09
  • Kylie – Fashion Fever Teresa Wave U
  • Mel – Fashion Fever Kayla Wave V
  • Annie – Fashion Fever Barbie Wave N
  • Olivia-Fashion Fever Drew Wave A



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