Fashion Fever Closets – Part Five – Wave F Closet-Orange Themed

Wave F Closet
The full closet

Compared to some others this closet has fewer pieces but the orange theme is so different that it makes up for the lack of choices I think. I like the orange dress with its textured fabric. The sandals are nice too although I always find this style of shoe difficult to do up. I don’t know how children manage. Presumbably they get their mother’s to do it. I know that’s what I would have done. Even now I sometimes have to hand a shoeless Barbie to my sister and say “Can you please do this for me?”

The location for the photos is a quiet spot in my back yard where I could get good light and no interruptions, and where the neighbours could not look over the fence!

The models today are:

  • Olivia – Drew Wave A
  • Ember – Teresa Wave F
  • Andrea – Drew Wave B


Fashion Fever dolls
Olivia, Ember & Andrea

The Outfits:

Olivia in the dress.
Olivia in the dress.


Andrea in the lace top, print pants and jacket
Andrea in the lace top, print pants and jacket
Ember in the orange top, denim skirt and boots.
Ember in the orange top, denim skirt and boots.

My favourite combination in this closet is probably the denim skirt, lace top and boots that Ember has on in the group photo. I think it looks good on her and seems to suit her personality so it has become her outfit. I don’t put that particular combination on anyone else.

I’ll be back with another Fashion Fever Closet next week.



  1. The dress followed closely by the top would be my top choice from this closet. I think the pants look a bit busy with the top. The Fashion Fever clothes looked so much like real clothes. I wish, sigh


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