Two Scottish Dollies

My mind has been on the subject of Scotland this week so I decided that today I’d share these two little dolls that once belonged to my husband’s two sisters. A favourite aunt brought the dolls back from an overseas holiday for them when they were little girls. A couple of years ago when the old  family home was sold the dolls were discovered amongst their mother’s things looking somewhat the worse for wear and I was asked if I’d like to adopt them.

These two dolls belonged two my sisters in law.
These two dolls belonged to my sisters in law.

I took them home cleaned them and tidied their hair. I was a bit at a loss to know what to do about their clothing which could really use a wash too. It is sewn onto them and I was afraid that I might damage it trying to get it off.  Without it the dolls would lose their character so for now I’ve left them as they are. I’d really like to be able to press the little kilts which are badly wrinkled. I will try to find the girls some shoes and socks that fit one day though.

I was quite surprised when, during the tidying up process, I discovered that one of the dolls was marked “Roddy”. I had assumed that they were probably cheap dolls made in Hong Kong for the tourist trade but at least one of them was made in England. My sister’s in law are six years younger than I am so I had thought the dolls probably dated from the early 1970s but they may be a bit older than that.

Although only one doll is marked as far as I can tell they are identical in appearance apart from their clothing so I think it’s likely they were both made by Roddy. Anyway they fit nicely into my growing collection of 13-16 inch dolls made in the 1960s. I think they have rather sweet faces. If anyone has any tips about removing and restoring these outfits I’d love to hear them.

The girls clothing could use some work.
The girls clothing could use some work.



  1. There must be a seam somewhere? If you have a seam ripper, would you feel safe very carefully picking apart seams stitch by stitch? Is the jacket sewn onto the shirt, or is the jacket removable?


    • It is all sewn together. I’m afraid that the materrial might fall apart, especially the skirt which is made of thin stuff. I may try it on one of them later and see how it works out.


      • I suppose it depends on whether you want to leave them “original” or see them looking freshened up. Do you sew? You could always use the old clothing pieces to make patterns for new clothes.


      • I can sew a bit. I’ve made dolls clothes before but I’d kind of like to leave these two in their original outfits. Anyway I’ll have a go and see what happens.


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