Fashion Fever Tube Fashions

Tube Fashions

Apart from the variety of the dolls the thing that I liked best about Fashion Fever was that there were lots and lots of fashions. I don’t think I ever even saw them all online. We certainly didn’t get them all here in Hobart. There were so many pieces that even if you didn’t like them all there was bound to be a lot that you would like. The first few waves of individual outfits were released packaged in tubes like the early dolls. Usually they consisted of a single outfit with shoes and sometimes a bag or other accessory. There were a range of tubes which had hats and scarves too but I never bought any of those. I thought that they were a bit pricey for what they were and as my doll budget was not large I preferred to spend my money where I’d get the most value. I didn’t buy a lot of the tube fashions because the closets represented the best value to me but I did buy a few that I liked a lot and I was given some too. Here are three of them. I have a lot more still to be photographed.

Our models today are Brittany & Mel. I’m not sure exactly what Brittany is. I bought her loose and nude. She has the square-jawed Teresa face of course  and the Fashion Fever belly button body but she has some kind of mechanism in her back so obviously she was meant to do something originally. I just like square-jawed Teresa’s and I thought her hair was a pretty colour although it doesn’t show up well in this old photo. I’ll do a bit more with Brittany another day. Mel of course has appeared in quite a few of my posts as she is a big favourite of mine. She is of course Kayla from Wave V.



black tweedy dress and wrap.
black tweedy dress with pale pink wrap and matching shoes.
Brittany in the black dress and wrap
Brittany in the black dress and wrap
Hillary Duff striped top and black skirt with boots
Mel in the striped top, skirt and boots.
Mel in the striped top, skirt and boots.
Teal and black print dress
Teal and black print dress
image FF Kayla blue/black dress
Mel looks pretty in a dress too.


  1. I love the teal and black dress! It looks real vintage! 🙂 And i like to dress up my dolls a lot so doll fashion is interesting to me! I collect vintage barbies and now ever after high dolls! and liv dolls you should check out liv they are fully articulated!!!!! swirlsgirl 🙂


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