Happy Halloween


Lëtzebuergesch: TRA.

A Halloween Myth-Or Is It?

Halloween is not celebrated in such a big way in Australia as it is in the USA but it is becoming more popular. I’ve not taken any new Halloween themed photos this year so tonight here is one I posted this time last year with an extra photo added. Petra is one of my favourite Fashion Fever Teresa’s.

Petra wonders about her future husband.
Petra wonders about her future husband.

When I was a little girl my mother used to tell me a lot of what I suppose you could call superstitions, you know, don’t walk under ladders, spilling salt is unlucky etc. This is one she told me about Halloween.

The story goes that if a woman sits at a mirror by candlelight and gives her hair 100 strokes with a hair brush she will see the reflection of the man she is going to marry. Personally I think that would be rather creepy but one day when I was playing around with some of my Barbies I decided to create that scene so here it is for your Halloween enjoyment.

image Barbie at mirror
Happy Halloween

My model today is Petra who is a Teresa from Wave A. The male model is my sister’s Twilight Edward (appropriate huh?)The photo was edited in Picasa.



  1. Great picture and a great spooky theme 🙂 My Mother had a similar one about Midsummer, you were meant to pick seven different flowers from seven different fields on Midsummer night, then put them under your pillow and go bed and you would dream of the man you would marry. You had to do the whole thing without saying a word, though! I tried it and I didn’t dream of anybody which turned out right as I never did get married 🙂 did you ever try the mirror thing? Maybe I should “steal” your idea for my midsummer post …


  2. Happy Halloween. Halloween wasn’t celebrated in my country until a couple ofe years ago. Now it’s celebrated a lot.

    That mirror thing would creep me out, but you caught a great spooky picture. Edward fits the part perfectly.


  3. As much as I love Twillight, I think Jasper and even Emmit (Same facemold as Carlisle) Even Jacob Black would be soo cute too.(I’ve given longer hair to)Native American (Jacob)would look amazing with Teresa, He is coupled with the 2016 the Barbie lookblack lable/gray jumper gal w/ brown hair/eyes lea face.I .call her Renesme,,Maybe she sees Jacob. I’d Love to find a mirror to do this effect! Did you get yours on-line?


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