Midge Gets A Makeover

Readers of this blog will know that one of my favourite Barbie Models is my USAF Aviator Barbie, Midge. Recently she has been my model for some sewing and knitting projects as well as modelling some outfits in the back garden for a photo shoot. As a consequence of all this activity she’s starting to get a bit untidy. When I first got her several years ago Midge had stiffening in her hair. I don’t really like hair that feels as hard as rock so occasionally I wash it out to give the doll a different look. I did this with Midge after I’d had her for a while and I thought that she looked much more natural without it. Now it’s starting to get a bit fly away and while I rather like the natural look I don’t want it to get too untidy. By the way don’t you think she has lovely eyes? I love the colour of them.

All she needed was a bit of tidying up so I washed and conditioned her hair and restyled it slightly. I decided to document her mini makeover in the form of a story but left out the part where I wrapped her head in cling wrap for 24 hours while it dried. I did use the hairdryer to dry the worst of it but I prefer to let Barbie hair dry naturally rather than use excessive heat.

Midge's hair is getting a little mussy.
Midge’s hair is getting a little mussy.

 Midge Feels Blue

Midge had been having a heart to heart with her new friend Marissa. She was feeling a bit low and said so. Marissa had the answer.

“What you need is a bit of pampering. That will cheer you up. Why don’t I give you a makeover?”

"Do you need a makeover?"
“When you are feeling a bit down a bit of pampering always helps. Well it always helps ME.” says Marissa.
"Just leave everything to me."
“Just leave everything to me.”

A Short Time Later

Marissa has quite a strong personality and is not a friend that you say no to; so before she knew it Midge was at Marissa’s house. “First of all I want you to take a nice relaxing bath.” her new friend told her. “Then we’ll do your hair.”


Midge takes a relaxing bath.
Midge takes a relaxing bath.

After her bath Marissa shampooed Midge’s hair. She used Johnson’s Baby Shampoo so there were no tears. “Only the best will do.” she told her slightly bemused friend as she followed up with conditioner from the House of Avon. After Midge’s hair was washed and conditioned Marissa decided to comb it back from her face and set it with pins. She also trimmed away some flyaway bits.

Marissa prepares  to wash Midge's hair.
Marissa prepares to wash Midge’s hair.
Midge after her shampoo.
Midge after her shampoo.
Marissa gets to work.
Marissa gets to work.
The bathroom
The bathroom

Marissa then set to work with the hair dryer. Blow drying finished she did a little more tidying before inviting Midge to take a look in the mirror and see what she thought of her new style. ” All it needs now is some product to keep those flyaway bits in place. Your hair is so fine.”

Marissa is nearly finished.
Marissa is nearly finished.
"Well what do you think?"
“I so should have been a hairdresser!” Marissa exclaims

Midge thought that the new style looked good. “We’re not done yet though.” Marissa said. “Next we go shopping!”

To Be Continued…

Next time, the reveal and a shopping trip.


The photos were taken with my Nikon Coolpix L120 camera in the bathroom of my Barbie house.

The bathtub is a ceramic one which I bought because it looks more real than the plastic Barbie ones.

The towel and toiletries are from various Barbie sets I’ve accumulated. Midge’s smock was made by me.

Marissa is of course my Fashionista Raquelle.

Although you can’t see her reflection in the mirror Midge is not a Vampire.



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