Midge Gets A Makeover -Part Two

As you may remember from my previous post about it I had to give Midge, my USAF Aviator Barbie a bit of a tidy up. I’ve also been busy knitting some Barbie sized clothes from patterns that I found on http://www.stickatillbarbie.se. I like to knit while I’m watching cricket on television. There has been a five match series on over the past ten days and my output is one or two garments  a game so they are starting to pile up.

I did find that Midge’s very fine hair did not stay back as well as I would have liked but I didn’t want to use too much hairspray on it.  At the moment I’ve got her wearing an Alice Band to keep it in place but I expect that over time it will come back over her face. I don’t really mind because I like it like that and the main thing is that she looks tidy now.

This week you will see whether the makeover was a success and Midge gets to try on some new clothes.

Midge has her hair done.
Midge has her hair done.

 The Shopping Trip

During the following week Marissa phoned Midge excitedly. “I’ve found a great place that sells knitwear for next to nothing. You have to see it!”

On Saturday after a hectic shopping trip the girls went back to Marissa’s place where she laid out all the clothes.

“I want you to try on everything we bought and anything that doesn’t make you look fabulous goes back.”

Midge in Marissa's bedroom.
Midge in Marissa’s bedroom.
“Anything that doesn’t make you look fabulous goes back.”

First Midge tried on a pink knit cotton sundress. “Head up, shoulders back.” Marissa ordered. “That is a good fit and the colour suits you.”

Pink knit tube dress.
Pink knit tube dress.

Next she handed Midge an orange dress that laced up at the front. Midge had not been sure about this one at the store.

“This will look great on you.”
Marissa helps lace the dress.
Marissa helps lace the dress.
Midge in the orange dress.
Midge in the orange dress.

Marissa reassured her. “This dress shows off your figure and no, I don’t think it’s too daring at all. Unless you want it to be of course 😉 ”

“It’s not too daring at all.”

The next outfit was a knit skirt and a lacy top. Midge liked the top but the skirt got the thumbs down. “But you look cute in this outfit.” Marissa protested.

“Maybe, but the skirt is too tight. I might want to do something active; like you know, walk. Not to mention that it is practically see through. It goes back.” Midge, who is a conservative girl at heart, put her foot down this time. “I do like the top though.”

“It’s too tight and it’s nearly see through”
“I got you a top the same as mine.”

Apart from the skirt, Midge was pretty happy with her purchases in the end. She’d never bought so many clothes in one store before but as Marissa said they did cost next to nothing and it did cheer her up.

Another lacy top in a thicker yarn.
Another lacy top in a thicker yarn.

Knitting Notes:

The pink dress was knitted in a fine cotton thread ( I think it was DMC Perle 8).

The blue and white lacy tops were also knitted in a fine thread  and came out rather small. I don’t think that they would fit a Fashion Fever or Model Muse Body. I only got them onto Midge and Marissa because they have articulated bodies. If I make more in this type of thread I will leave the back open and use a snap fastener. The pastel coloured top was knitted from the same pattern but in a thicker yarn (Panda 4 ply crochet cotton) and was a much better fit but it was a little bulkier than I liked. I’ll do the next one in 2 ply cotton and see how that comes out.

The white skirt was also knitted in fine cotton (Cebelia DMC 20 it’s an old ball I had.) on 2mm needles and it really was too small. I ended up putting it on Midge upside down for the picture and it was quite see through. I gave it to my smaller “Lady Doll” but it might work out on a Skipper body. I’d add more stitches to the pattern or maybe larger needles next time I use this cotton.

The orange dress was knitted in 2 ply cotton with a gold thread twined with it. I used 2mm needles. You could use a thicker thread in a contrasting colour for the lacing. I didn’t have anything suitable at the time.

Midge’s robe is from Petals and Dots Candi and was a bit big on her.

I’m learning through these experiments with different weighted yarns and different sized needles and it’s a lot of fun. You can make the same thing in different yarns and it comes out quite different. So far I think the 2 ply cotton is the nicest for making outfits that don’t look bulky and I will get some more of it. I’ve also learned that for me at least it is better to knit in a simple stitch like stocking stitch, garter stitch or rib when I’m watching cricket. When I was knitting the lacy tops every time we got a wicket or lost one I lost my place in the pattern.

In case anyone is wondering Australia won the series 4-1. 🙂

Location notes

The photos were taken on the top floor of my Barbie house and this required a bit of initiative too. The house stands about a metre high and sits on what was formerly my sewing machine stand. As I am short it’s difficult to photograph dolls up there so I don’t do it very often. Also I find all that pink a bit much. However I wanted to have the wardrobe in the background and I wanted to feature my pink sofa which is actually a jewellery box. Like the bath tub it is a bit big for the house but a better fit for the dolls to sit on. My solution was to stand on a step-ladder to take the pictures. Luckily I only needed to go up one step because I don’t care for ladders much. I have a fear of falling. I think it was worth it though because despite the pink this room has great graphics, as does the rest of the house. My husband got it for me for a Christmas present and although I can’t put much furniture inside it does make a great display area and backdrop for photos.


  1. Amazing tiny knitwear. Beautiful. I can’t believe you made them. Great pictures, too. In the first picture, I thought she was wearing a hospital gown. I was relieved to hear it was for a fashion makeover and not a mammogram. 😉


    • I actually made that to look like a hospital gown because I thought I might do a picture later of Barbie in nurse uniform with a “patient” but I need a few more props first. Then I realised that it would make a good coverall for makeovers too. Well spotted.


      • Oh my gosh. It’s a perfect hospital gown. And, yes. It’s a great cover-up for a make-over. One needs something like this to keep the makeup and hair products off clothes. 🙂


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