Summer Photo Fun

Summer Photo Fun with Midge

Midge at Bellerive Beach
Midge at Bellerive Beach, Hobart

While you are all shivering away in the northern hemisphere yesterday was the first day of summer in Australia. Midge wasted no time in heading for the beach. Unfortunately the wind has blown her new hair do away so it looks like another visit to the hairdresser before Christmas will be required.


  1. Just looking at this summery beach makes me feel warmer. Midge’s Bikini looks great and she obviously enjoys herself. I bet Melissa will be gladly volunteering to give Midge another hair treatment.


    • Thank you. I’ve made a couple more of these bikinis in different yarns which I’ll show in a future post. Midge is very fond of the beach and yes I’m sure Marissa will be more than glad to do her hair again. She fancies herself as a hairdresser. The beach by the way is Bellerive Beach on the eastern side of the Derwent river. Close by is Blundstone Arena where I often go to watch cricket in summer. I was probably on a cricket related outing the day I took the beach photo.


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