More Cricket = More Knitting

This week I’ve knitted several more little garments while watching cricket on television. I chose simple ones in stocking stitch and rib to avoid making silly mistakes that I would have to unpick later.

I made some very simple skirts which were knitted all in one piece. One from the orange 2 ply that I have been using and some others from a ball of navy wool that was in my scrap box. I didn’t know what ply it was and was feeling too lazy to go and find a ruler to measure the wraps per inch, a method that I recently learned about. I decided that it was probably 4 ply based on the fact that the wools I had stored it with were and I had sorted all my yarns by ply when I last tidied up my stash.

Once again I used patterns I had printed out from the Stickatill Barbie website. The first one came out a bit snug for Barbie so I gave it to my Living Skipper who needed a new outfit. The next one I made a bit larger and managed to get it on to Living Barbie despite her large hips. I’m not crazy about her in it though so she will probably get something else later or she will get her old maxi skirt back with a new top.

I made an outfit for Barbie’s friend Casey. She is one of the Mod Era dolls so I did a laced up skirt for her based on the lace up dress pattern. She got one of the lacy tops I made earlier and an orange jacket. She looks pretty pleased with the outfit.

I then experimented with a sleeveless roll neck top. The first one I made fitted Kristina my Basics model but didn’t close at the back as well as I’d have liked. The patterns don’t always say whether the clothes should slide on or be fastened with snaps or buttons so I decide when I’ve finished them what would make the garment fit the best. I put snaps on this top but in the end decided to let Living Skipper have it and make another one.

The second one I made the same size but to avoid the curl that you often get at the edge of stocking stitch pieces I knitted the first and last two stitches of every row. For this one I sewed the back up half way and left it open. It fits Kristina quite well but the next one I make I may do the stocking stitch on larger needles. Mrs Heart got the second top and I think she looks nice in it.

I’m now thinking about some Christmas outfits and as there is one more Test Match before Christmas I should have time to knit a few things which you will see at the appropriate time :).


  1. You get better all the time at knitting these outfits. I really like the orange knitted jacket and the white rolled neck pull-over. These are so elegant.

    And I just noticed that your blog is snowing. Did you do this or is it automatic? Don’t leave it snow too much or you’ll need to shovel out the comment area. 😉


    • Yes I turned the snow on yesterdayd for the doll blog. The theme I use has it enabled until January 4th. Of course it doesn’t snow here at Chrismas (usually, it did once some years ago) so I am not using it on my other blog but I plan some Christmassy photos with the dolls so the snow is fun and I don’t have to shovel it 🙂


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