Christmas at the Dolls House-Part Two

Part Two

Trixie, Paul and Patch also arrived ahead of the crowd so there was time for Trixie to have a chat to her favourite cousin while Paul got acquainted with the Canadian Tammy’s.

Trixie(my childhood Sindy) Paul and Patch meet Tammy (my original doll)
Trixie(my childhood Sindy) Paul and Patch meet Tammy (my original doll)
"isn't Paul dreamy?" Sindy asks.
“isn’t Paul dreamy?” Sindy asks.
"Hello ladies."
“Hello ladies.”

Soon more guests arrive and a party develops. The Tressy’s Christmas wishes were for new hairdo’s, new clothes and to meet some men. They were delighted when Army Buddy dropped in to invite them to the party. Even Retro Barbies Casey, Ken and Skipper are invited.

The Tressy's meet Army Buddy.
The Tressy’s meet Army Buddy.
More guests arrive.
More guests arrive.
Tressy (my childhood doll) at the party.
Tressy (my childhood doll) at the party.
Casey and Ken arrive.
Casey and Ken arrive.
Party Time
Party Time

In the kitchen Mom looks like she could use some help with the refreshments.

Tammy Mom
Mom is busy in the kitchen.
Party food and drinks
Party fare.

Marissa tells Midge. “I heard that there was a big party at the Tammy House. Want to go?”

Midge replies “But Marissa. It’s a Retro party and we’re not retro, besides we haven’t been invited.”

Marissa sees no problem. “I’ve got just the dress for you. Put it on and carry this. They won’t even notice.”

Mom is happy to have some help but puzzled. “Who are you and what are you doing here ?” she asks.

“I carried a watermelon.” is all Midge can think of to say. Marissa has already joined the party.

Put this on and carry this" she said.
Put this on and carry this” she said.
"What are you doing here?" "I  carried a watermelon."
“What are you doing here?”
“I carried a watermelon.”
Marissa wastes no time in joining the party.
Marissa wastes no time in joining the party.


One more episode to come tomorrow.



  1. Looks like your dolls are having a great Christmas party. Merry Christmas to you and your family and a happy new year! Hugs


  2. This made me smile. I really liked “Hello Ladies” frame. The girls look so surprised, rather like deer.

    One question: Do the dolls (like Patches) have eyes that are always pointed to the side. Or are they moveable?

    Merry Christmas, Dear. You made mine a bit jollier with your doll party. πŸ™‚


    • Glad you enjoyed the party. I think that the two Tammy’s had never seen anyone like Paul before. In answer to your question about Patch the early ones were all made with the side glancing eyes which are painted on. I don’t know much about the later versions of her which were made after we left England and not sold in Australia as far as I know. I do have one Sindy who has sleep eyes but generally they all have painted eyes.


      • Thanks for teaching me so much. I don’t remember seeing Patch in the U.S.. But then, I didn’t have many dolls as a child. I only had a blond bubble-cut Barbie (about 1964?) I like Patch’s painted side-glancing eyes. They add much personality.


      • I don’t know if Sindy and Patch were sold in the USA. Sindy was based on Tammy and appeared about a year after her. Pedigree who made her found that English people did not care for Barbie’s high fashion look but preferred a girl next door type. Tammy’s sister is Pepper but I think that Patch is quite different in looks and personality. You can just see Patch planning some naughtiness while Pepper is saying “I don’t think we ought to do that.”


      • I would have preferred a “girl next door” look. I don’t know who decided (decides) what dolls we have.

        The fashion dolls I grew up with set the standard for body-shape, hair and facial structure too far beyond anything I could ever hope for. It was hard when I grew up and didn’t look like that AT ALL. πŸ˜‰

        There is a lot of individual personalities in your dolls. Perhaps it’s the way you dress, arrange and photograph them. Or perhaps they simply love being individuals.:-)


      • My poor dolls were as poor as we were so lacked wardrobes. But this forced me to become handy with a needle and thread. My doll was quite envious of the store-bought wardrobes of my friend’s dolls. πŸ™‚


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