Evergreen Doll

Today I’m going to share some photos of another of my older dolls. This one was not a childhood doll but one that came to my collection in the last few years. Most of my non fashion dolls tend to be from the 1960s but there are a couple of older ones from the 1950s and a few more modern ones. This one was made by the Evergreen Company in Hong Kong and she is about 18″ tall and rather a slim build. This is how she looked when I got her. I liked her red hair but although it was all there and still had a lot of curl it never looked quite right to me. It was in rather odd looking sausage curls.

Evergreen doll made in Hong Kong
Evergreen doll made in Hong Kong

A few weeks ago I decided to see if I could do anything with it so I combed out all the tangles and then washed and conditioned it. After that I restyled it. I have no idea how she originally looked but as some of her hair was longer at the back I thought that she might have had it tied back at one time. Here she is after her hair had dried.

Evergreen girl with a change of dress and her hair rearranged.
Evergreen girl with a change of dress and her hair rearranged.

And this is how it looks at the back. I must find her a nice ribbon.

Here is a close up of her new "do".
Here is a close up of her new “do”.

The dress is not a great fit as it is meant for a chubbier doll. I don’t have any patterns for a tall slim doll so I think I’m probably going to have to improvise with a knitting or sewing pattern to make it fit her. I like her in this shade of blue but green would look nice too.



  1. Hello, I discovered your blog a little while ago, you have a beautiful collection! This doll’s hair looks great now, I like the color! I collect old and new dolls, and (try to) make clothes for them. I look forward to see more of your collection! Greetings from Belgium 🙂


  2. I have an number of 26in evergreen toddler dolls and I cant find out much about them. is there site out there that you know about that I cold go to. also have evergreen 18 in lady body ever green doll . thank you . ariadne


    • Hi Dianne, these Evergreen dolls are not really rare so unless yours is mint in box she is probably not worth a lot. My suggestion would be that you look on sales sites like eBay and Etsy and see what other people are selling them for. Look at listings of dolls that have been recently sold because sometimes sellers list them at high prices and they dont sell for a long time. You may want to sell on one of these sites although their fees are making it a bit expensive for the occasional seller. Your other option if you use social media is to seek out a Facebook doll group as members often buy and sell and many are knowledgeable about values which I am not because I don’t collect for value. Hope this helps.


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