“It Must Have Been The Watermelon Punch.”

Over the past week or so I’ve been moving a lot  of things around in the doll room, changing dolls outfits, getting out knitting patterns and yarns and treating my vintage Barbie for a case of green arm. Sometimes when things get a bit busy dolls just get put down to be sorted out later. The other day I glanced at the dollshouse and there was Midge sitting waiting for a new outfit in the front of the house while the vintage dolls looked at her as if she was a cuckoo in their nest.

*Note: There is mild doll nudity in this post.


After a big night out at the Tammy House Midge wakes up feeling rather strange. “I’m so glad you woke me up Marissa.” she says. I was having the most bizarre dreams last night.”

“I had some really strange dreams last night.”

“I dreamed that I was living in the 1960’s and I was at a party at the house we went to only instead of my own clothes I was wearing vintage clothing like theirs. They sent me to the kitchen and told me to serve the food to their guests”

Midge dreams she is a Retro vintage Barbie.
Midge dreams she is a Retro vintage Barbie.
Midge in the kitchen.
Midge in the kitchen.

“But then I found myself wearing a swimsuit of all things. I felt as if everyone was staring at me.”

Midge in vintage red swimsuit.
Midge in vintage red swimsuit.

” Then there was a scene change and I found myself wearing a glamorous gold dress. I had seen it somewhere before.”

vintage dress -02

“That’s all I can remember about that dream but later I had that embarrassing dream where you find yourself in a room full of people and you have no clothes on. Do you ever have that one Marissa?”

“I’m so glad you woke me up.”

Marissa takes her aside. “Well that’s what I wanted to tell you Midge. That wasn’t a dream! ”

Midge looks around horrified to discover that she really is naked and that everyone is looking at her.  “I knew that I shouldn’t have tried that watermelon punch last night!” she moans.

“Oh No! It must have been the watermelon punch”

And then she woke up. In her own bed. It was all just a bad dream.

Midge is relieved to wake up in her own bed.
Midge is relieved to wake up in her own bed.


    • I thought that I should put in a warning notice. The internet is a funny place and you never know what is going to offend who. I thought that a lot of people would relate to the “naked in a public place” dream though. When I realised that I’d left Midge sitting in the house in her birthday suit I couldn’t help but think of that.


  1. I’m still giggling, so funny. Thabk God I never had a dream like that, but I will stay clear of that watermelon punch, lol.


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