Fashion Doll Friday – M.I.A.

Regular followers of this blog will have noticed that there was no Fashion Doll Friday post this week. I think it’s the first time I’ve missed it since I started doing them.
On Friday my husband, who hasn’t been very well lately, had to go to hospital so for the last three days I’ve been shuttling back and forth between home and the hospital 60km away in Hobart. I’m pleased to say that he seems to be responding to treatment for an infection but I expect him to be in hospital for at least a few more days. Needless to say I haven’t had a lot of time to think about dolls.

Anyway I’m going to do what all television stations do when the scheduled programming is interrupted. I’m doing a re-run. Here is Fashion Fever Kayla Wave V aka Mel who I have posted about before but she’s one of my favourites so here she is again.
Normal programming will be resumed as soon as possible.

image FF Kayla blue/black dress
Mel looks pretty in a dress too.


  1. I hope your husband will get better soon.
    And we’ll still be here when you are ready to post again because some things are way more important than any blog…


    • Thanks Linda, I’ve been neglecting the dolls a bit. It’s hard to concentrate on hobbies when you have a sick person in the house but I’ll try to keep posting when I can because doing the blog is a good distraction from worrying.


    • Thanks, I had another MIA day well a couple of days last week. I hurt my back and sitting at the computer was uncomfortable. Still is so I am just making short visits to blogger land. My husband was unwell again and needed another trip to the hospital. He’s back now but it does make it hard to think about hobbies when he’s sick so much of the time.


      • I can understand that. Sometimes you just need got focus on family, and the blogosphere will understand. I’m sending positive thoughts to you and your husband.


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