Fashions by Ellasdolls

As it’s become harder to find fashion doll clothing that I like I’ve turned more and more to people who sell custom-made outfits on the internet primarily eBay but also other online auction sites. One of my favourite sellers here in Australia is Ellasdolls  aka Sue Warner. The clothing is simple, mostly dresses, tops and skirts and leggings  made in stretch material. I like them because they fit all the different Barbie bodies as well as Fashion Royalty. They are well made and fun to mix and match.

I emailed Sue to ask her if I could post about her and I asked her if she would answer a couple of questions. Here are her replies.

Me: How did you start making fashion doll clothes?
Sue: All my life I have loved dolls and loved sewing and have had a go at most crafts. After a major life change some years ago I found myself in Brisbane in a little Unit. Clothes were so expensive that I began to make some patterns so that I could make some clothes. From that I decided to sell them on a well-known site. For four years I was kept extremely busy designing, making patterns & clothes. During that time I decided to make clothes for Ken Dolls & 16″ Ellowyne & the Tonner Dolls. Ninety percent of the clothes are sent to The United States.

Me: What dolls do you collect yourself?
Sue: I discovered The Fashion Royalty Doll online and just had to have one. In my doll collection I have about 10 Fashion Royalty Girls and 1 FR Homme Boy, 2 Barbies, 1 Ellowyne, several Tonner Girls and others.

Me: Would you describe your work area please?
Sue: My Sewing area is on a desk in my bedroom in front of a big window, my cutting area is on my couch really while watch TV at night I cut clothes out. On my table is my computer and that is where I pack the orders.

Thank you Sue for being my first ever interview subject.Here are a few of the outfits that I’ve bought from Sue over the past couple of years. The models are :

  • Roxanne – Naf Naf Midge
  • Malibu Barbie
  • Ember – Fashion Fever Teresa Wave F
  • Julie – Coca Cola Barbie (Sweetheart) 2000. I don’t know that for sure because I bought her nude.
  • Midge – USAF Aviator Barbie
  • Becky –  Black Basics Barbie 09
  • Jennifer – Black Basics Barbie 12
  • Amy – Denim Basics Barbie 04

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